8udDha bl0od – M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8: new-wave sounds

Delving back into a mostly instrumental song, this time 8udDha bl0od produce a more electronic project with their M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8.

Appreciating the diversity of styles the band presents is both a job and a pleasure as they’re always coming up with new and original ways to experiment with their sound, a risk you take if you’re confident in your music. In fact, very few artists take this risk nowadays.

But not 8udDha bl0od. In M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8 (which I believe stands for “Moby’s Ticking Time Bomb”), they explore new-wave sounds by employing synths, loops and beats, that interlace as if they were panning out to a dancehall outcome. One technical highlight to appreciate, the synth bass kicking in halfway into the song that adds dynamic movement to the structure.

A hint of vocals opens up in the final part with almost unintelligible lyrics but the effects used to distort the tone perfectly match the atmosphere the song is aiming to achieve.

You can listen to M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8 for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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