‘’You Were Never In Love’’ is the new hard-hitting song from Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od


With an Amy Winehouse ‘’Valerie’ type start, this song morphs into something rather sad, all about not really being in love even though you thought you were. These are hard to face facts that are a part of one’s life and most of us will feel this unfortunate feeling. 

This isn’t one of my favorite ‘8udDha bl0od’ tracks but it’s still a good song. I guess I have been spoiled by their high standard but still enjoyed the beat and the overall execution. 

The English boys have been on a tear in 2020 and all that time spent in the cabin together has paid off. I imagine that they didn’t shave once and had massive beards but that question will be answered when I annoy them with random questions after they play live soon. Bring on the days of live shows where bands like this can be cherished and loved with loud and possibly alcohol-infused yelling and clapping.

Hear more from this wonderfully different band on their SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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