B. Holmes – OMW: Wavy Progressive R&B Hip Hop

While some Hip Hop R&B artists try to get away with buying beats off YouTube and putting their bars against them, B. Holmes has made sure that the hypnotically lucid beats behind their latest single OMW worked in complete synergy with his Rap bars.

With OMW, each progression comes with unpredictability, what starts off as a wavy, reverb-soaked offering of EDM Trap finishes with a completely unexpected but extremely welcome heavy guitar riff. But even with the amount of experimentalism which has been poured into the track, OMW still retains plenty of commercial appeal. The seamlessness of the evolutions of sound is a testament to the talent put into the production by Dre Love and B.Homes. OMW is just one of the four tracks to feature on B. Holmes’ latest project “Situations” which explores the concept of time and the correlation to personal growth.

You can check out B. Holmes bass-heavy latest drop for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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