YOSIF ‘Little Thief’ is a mercurial musical brew…

Little Thief by Yosif

Yosif’s Little Thief is a mercurial musical brew built on a lolloping, purposefully lazy indie vibe, shot through with neo-psychedelic vibes and drifting dream-pop ambience. It shouldn’t really work but then again how many times have people ignored the rules and come up with something new, enticing, break-through even?

It chimes when it should hook, it wanders when it should focus, it looks to the past whilst it gazes dreamily into the night, it uses hypnotic allure rather than dynamic impact, in fact it does everything wrong, conventionally speaking and in doing so does everything right. Conventional musical wisdom is why every original band is followed by a hundred imitators and a thousand tribute acts…why follow when you can lead?

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