Yorz Trulee – The Motion: Salaciously Sweet Afrobeats

After a string of successful singles, up and coming artist Yorz Trulee has released his latest 2019 single “The Motion”. The Motion is a smooth work of Afrobeat alchemy, the track starts off with a slow and steady groove before picking up the pace in the salaciously sweet mix. Even if you’re not familiar with Yorz Trulee’s earlier work the fluidity in the rhythms make the standout single instantly accessible. By the time the track drew to a close, there was a slight feeling that there was a tad too much repetition within the Motion with minimal progression in the sound. But, if you’re looking for a vibrant Afrobeat track to sink into, you really can’t go wrong with the seamless perfectly-mastered layers of Yorz Trulee’s latest single.

You can check out Yorz Trulee’s rhythmic masterpiece The Motion for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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