Xitlalic Faraday Releases Loud And Proud Track ‘Something To Prove’

Sometimes you need music that’s loud and proud and unafraid to shout to the world. Other times, music can be laid back and bring out different perspectives in a tame and predictable manner. Xitlalic Faraday finds the perfect balance between consistency and an ever-changing style with their song Something to Prove. This track brings back a lot of the adventurous spirit of the new wave era, but wraps itself in modern sensibilities and a well-crafted mix that nobody will mistake for something outlandish. There is a lot of harmonic bite and an evolving, busy arrangement that somehow never passes the verge of being dynamic. It’s hard to imagine a song that does so much without ever noticeably changing its overall volume. Producers, take note.

Something to Prove has a lot of echoes and effects gingerly placed over layered vocal lines. The lines aren’t always clear, but that definitely helps create a tone of self-interpretation. This isn’t boring ambient music. It has notable hip hop and electronic influences that almost seem to translate through the lens of a front man destined for shoegaze greatness. Just when you have the groove down, a new element is introduced. XF definitely has something to show, but it’s hard to accuse them of having something to prove.

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