The Wonderlust – I Said Maybe: Beat Driven Acoustic Bliss

The Wonderlust is a fresh, new pioneering project by the minds of two talented Downtempo electronica aficionados from Oakland, US. With Mo Corleone’s deft DJ and production skills mixed with David Shakiban’s ethereal acoustic strumming, the pair create beat driven electronica like you’ve never heard before. Their latest track, which also happens to be the first track they’ve dropped ‘I Said Maybe’ is a smooth, transient mix that combines the melody of deep acoustic guitar with the warped fusion of electronica. At 5:33 minutes long, it’s the perfect length for you to fully surrender yourself to the sound before it fades out and your dragged back to reality and hope that The Wonderlust hurry up with their debut album!

The Wonderlust have perfected the chill/lounge sound, that any prog rock, or electronica fan would love to slip into. The instrumentals guide you through waves of euphoria, as you meander through the subtle drops and swirling ring of the guitar, introducing you to an eclectic mix of sampled vocals that really draw you back into the beat.

If downtempo minimalist Electro is right up your street, check out The Wonderlusts debut track on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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