Whiteclaw – Slide

Everyone gets knocked down, bit at least Whiteclaw knows how to get back up, dust himself off and move on. He knows that he’s going to be all right. He even wrote a song about it. Slide is as snappy and optimistic a pop song as you are going to find doing the rounds today. It runs on a mid tempo R&B groove, makes inroads into pop and rap and fills the spaces with wonderful electronic washes.

Break up songs don’t have to be depressing! You hear the phrase and you can’t help put envisage a long haired guy in a wide brimmed hat waxing lyrical in depressing tones over his 12-string guitar about losing the love of his life. But Whiteclaw offers a better approach. Whilst the lyrics address the subject matter square on, it comes from a healthier place. This isn’t a song of victims and unrequited love, of broken hearts, well, maybe a heart a bit damaged for the time being, and teenage irrationality. This is a song that comes from a more mature place one that says, okay, that’s just the way life is. It’s your loss honey. A heartbreak song without the heart break…what a brilliant concept.

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