ea Collective – We have Liftoff!

We all know that music is cyclical so the fact that Lift Off is infused with as much old-school kraut-rock past as it is post-rock modernity, should not come as a great surprise. But there is more going on than an endless loop of torch bearing progginess, this trippy instrumental also brings slight psyched tones, ambient and atmospheric space, jazz trippiness and electronic cinematics.

Thats a lot to fit in to one track, a track which takes its time, which revels in space, atmosphere and gentle anticipation, slowly adding layers and sonic textures as it meanders towards its final musical destination. It is a song that balances restlessness and restraint, carefully crafted sounds creating a sonic wake as it builds ambient landscapes of meditative post-rock but drives on the most confident of beats. It is also a piece of music that you could describe as unique, and beautiful, haunting, ambient and otherworldly, built through seamless and graceful musical lines and leaves the listener to join dots.

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