Vmax – IRL ; An overdose of awesomeness packaged in one song

Yeah it’s time to reap now! Vmax has indeed paid his dues and it’s about time he starts to enjoy the fruit that comes off from the harvest of his hard labor in the game. Having been able to watch some of his rap cyphers online, right there and then it dawned on me that this artist has really got what it takes to take the lead game in the genre of his music.

I’m truly amazed to see how far Vmax has come, and the fact that he keeps improving and setting the bars up gets me really intrinsically intrigued.

Vmax uniquely did what he surely know how to do best, yeah he murdered it again once again on this song. “In Real Life” is an overdose of awesomeness packaged in one song. This is a psychedelic hip-hop song with nods to flying hibiscus and thunderclap.

The sequel that leads to misconstrued sound pattern is most rap song was totally missing in this track. The vocal sound and the flow of this song is a coy with other amazing features that made this song a masterpiece.

The beat of this song is sleek and seductive. Even without hearing the vocal and rap style of Vmax, the beat used in this track will get you all pulled in and interested to unravel what’s yet to come after the awesome beat. Undoubtedly this song will easily get a 9.7% rating from any music and rap song lover.


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