Versus Machine – Sweet Machine: Post Punk at its Most Poignant

With Post Punk being my favourite genre of music, it’s safe to say that Versus Machine had a lot to live up to with their debut release of Sweet Machine which dropped on New Years Eve, 2017.

They stood up against Joy Division, Killing Joke, Interpol and The Editors with their sound, and still knocked it out of the park. The reverb on the guitars was on point. The dread infused bassline carries blissfully throughout the track around the sporadic whispered vocals that draw you further into this instrumentally enthralling track until you’re fully submersed in that iconic nostalgic sound.  Although Versus Machine did more than recreate the same old tired sounds from the genre, they threw in the additional apathy of a more Shoegaze symphony that created an effortlessly enticing track, that almost demands to be listened to on repeat

I seriously can’t recommend this track enough, you can check out Sweet Machine for yourselves via YouTube using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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