Vargen reignite the timeless classic which is Bob Dylan’s single “Tomorrow is a Long Time”

Covering Bob Dylan’s music is a fairly risky move, not many artists are able to recapture the same levels of mesmerism which was exuded by the master of melancholic acoustic music, but left in Vargen’s deft command the soundscape reached a new plateau.

My unilingual mind may not have been able to translate the Swedish take on Tomorrow is a Long time (Men Bara Om Min Alskande Vantar) from the stunning acoustic indie folk duo Vargen, but the harmonies and melodies were universally soothing.

With male and female vocals both softly versing the lyrics into the tender soundscape, the track almost became more poignant than ever. Vargen has made the track well and truly their own. And its good news for anyone who appreciates Tomorrow is a Long Time, they’ve recreated 9 of Bob Dylan’s most timeless classics with their 2019 album.

You can check out Vargen’s elegantly masterful single Tomorrow is a Long Time for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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