Valentine Artist – Everything on Me: Deep Bass With Pure Soulful Rhythm to Set the Pace

Whack some headphones on and sink your teeth into the colossal new hit from Valentine Artist. For his debut single Everything on Me Valentine Artist teamed up with Hip Hop Rap sensations Haley Drew & Otis. I hope Valentine will forgive me for saying that Haley Drew absolutely stole the show with her rap vocals. Whilst Valentine Artist provides soothingly soulful R&B vocals and Otis steps up with his grimey rap flow there’s just no matching the sheer empowering veracity of Haley Drew’s verse. The perfectly polished production quality of Everything on Me, is just another one of the stellar qualities of the track, the multi-layer, deep-bass beat creates an anthemic aura around the track. There’s palpable high vibes to the track, thanks to the experimental xylophone polyphonic effects which gives a sweet Jamaican vibe to the sound. Everything on Me is certainly not a collaboration that Hip Hop fans will forget about anytime soon.

Check out the official music video to Everything on Me on YouTube which saw it’s first release on February 14th, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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