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Mild Horses unleashed avant-garde chaos in his genre-defying electronica release, Eye of the Behemoth

Eye Of The Behemoth by Mild Horses

Mild Horses, the experimental brainchild of Matthew Leuw, previously known for his roles in various underground bands, including Norwich’s Crest and Brighton’s Coin-op, has returned with ‘Eye of the Behemoth’.

The single seizes the listener with its lo-fi synth melodies grounded on a solid backbeat, before erupting into a drum n bass rhythmic firestorm. Not merely content to rest here, it pushes the boundaries further with sharp horn stabs, marking a bold foray into avant-garde territory. As the track progresses, the intense energy momentarily retreats into more subdued, jazzy grooves that infuse the piece with psychedelic tranquillity, setting the stage for a climactic resurgence. The finale of this instrumental odyssey is a masterclass in musical composition—returning full circle with a powerful beat that perfectly encapsulates the track’s dynamic range.

‘Eye of the Behemoth’ is not just another experimental track; it is a statement of artistic integrity from Mild Horses. This single does exactly what it promises—immersing its audience in an artfully crafted storm of sound that resonates long after the last note fades. It’s an assertive piece that boldly declares Mild Horses’ niche in the eclectic landscape of contemporary music. For fans of genre-defying soundscapes, this release is an essential experience, offering both challenge and reward in its complex layers.

Stream and purchase Eye of the Behemoth ahead of its official release date of May 10th on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bluku: A Fusion Firestorm of Culture and Beats by Hype and Fever

Hype and Fever lived up to their moniker with their universally magnetic standout single, Bluku. The monocultural mould was rhythmically obliterated by the pulse-pounding kinetic melodies in the synthesis of Jamaican, Indian, and UK sonic culture.

If you like your beats hot, your bass heavy, and your rhythms tight, let your speakers ignite to the sound of the UK-residing duo which melds bansuri flutes with dancehall kicks to create a kaleidoscope of hybridic culture in their self-produced beats which pay an ode to their Jamaican and Indian heritage.

The explosively vibrant smorgasbord of culture delivers a burst of colour as Hype and Fever create friction on the instrumentals with their distinctively dominant bars that bring energy, fire, and enigmatic flair to ensure Bluku unravels as a dynamically intense release that is far too addictive to quit.

The momentum around Hype and Fever is only growing; be a part of their ascent.

Hype and Fever is now available to stream on YouTube, or you can add the release to your playlists.

To follow the next moves of the brother duo, link up on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tha Blaqsmith crafted a monastery-esque mindscape with the lo-fi beats in his latest release, What is Meditation

The Last Day EP by Tha Blaqsmith

In the bustling sphere of modern music, Tha Blaqsmith, a California-Las Vegas based producer, crafted a unique auditory experience for their latest release, What Is Meditation, and invited his listeners on a voyage into the realms of inner peace and heightened consciousness, led by the guiding light of Edwin “Tha Blaqsmith” McCain’s innovative spirit.

From the outset, the mindfulness bells resonate, echoing the sacred sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl. This introduction is not just an opening but a ticket into a sanctuary of serenity. The bells set the stage, transporting the listener to the tranquil corridors of a Buddhist monastery, a setting where the mind finds solace and the soul, harmony.

As the journey unfolds, a crackling spoken word recording emerges, reminiscent of an old sage imparting wisdom on the essence of meditation. This element adds a layer of authenticity and warmth, bridging the gap between the ancient practice and the contemporary listener. The lo-fi beats then make their entrance, maintaining the tape recording crackles, a subtle nod to Tha Blaqsmith’s affinity for vinyl records and drum breaks. This fusion of the old and the new creates a soundscape that is both nostalgic and refreshingly novel.

The ambient elements that flow into the track further enhance this meditative experience. Tha Blaqsmith’s skill in blending these sounds demonstrates his unorthodox approach to music. With no formal background in composing, his natural inclination towards music shines through, offering a raw, yet refined essence to the hip-hop genre.

What is Meditation was officially released on December 31 in The Last Day EP; stream the EP in full on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK EDM duo Issi Noho rattle the windows of the drowsy with the hauntingly memorable pick-me-up, Back to The Abyss

Following the dynamics of a film that is still to be made, the massively experienced and much-loved Issi Noho drops track 8 from We erA (A Tale for Dreamers and Scientists) and this is called, Back to The Abyss.

Issi Noho is a UK-based EDM Psychedelic Beats lover who enjoys drenching all tired hearts into a bath of mass contentment and shall cause bodies to be reinvigorated again.

Formed by Nick Smith & Neil Riley who are known best for their electric track on the legendary and original FIFA game, Issi Noho scores a hattrick on their latest release which would trouble even the best keepers. This is riveting to the core of empty abdomens and shall fill up the hungriest, who are voracious for something proper. Eat up then. It’s snack time.

Back to The Abyss from UK-based EDM act Issi Noho is a fast-paced and pulsating track to turn the lights off with. With glowsticks in abundance and masses ripping off their shirts, we have found an anthem to stomp all toes off with.

Sizzling through the lights and never letting go, we hope you’re ready to pump up the volume.

Check out the video on YouTube.

Soak into the socials on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Grandmastaskunk inspires us all with wizard-like beats

Learning more about the music scene and telling us how it is, Grandmastaskunk sat down with us recently and let us deeper into his vision. We found out more about what it takes to be the best and what the process actually entails.

Thanks for your time Grandmastaskunk. Please tell us readers about the time you first knew you wanted to be a musician.

Grandmastaskunk: I immediately knew I wanted to be a Lyricist/Artist the first time I listened to the late artist Big L’s “98 Freestyle”. He was a truly inspiring artist in my life RIP.

Where in the world do we find you today and what was it like growing up there?

Grandmastaskunk: I am currently on tour but I spend a lot of time in Colorado. Growing up in Texas I had no stability in my earlier years moving back and forth from different cities and states.

What is the production side like and do you enjoy the creation process?

Grandmastaskunk: I personally only use FL (with register key lol) Making beats was very complex at first, but with help from Marvylus, years later I can have a mix done fairly quickly and I love every single second of the creative process.

What was it like working with the Wu-Tang Clan legend Raekwon?

Grandmastaskunk: That show specifically was legendary. LoudLifeCrew brought me out to perform with them and I couldn’t believe I was on the same stage as him, nonetheless in the same room. As a child, I was very much influenced and inspired by Raekwons’ Only Built For Cuban Links and The Purple Tape. Shoutout to Raekwon & SwizZy B.

Who inspires you to be better each day?

Grandmastaskunk: My daughter motivates me to work harder and do better every single day. Aside from that we share the same birthday on October 29th.

Where are some good live music spots to visit when we’re in your local area?

Grandmastaskunk: I would recommend Light Speed Curations, 306 S 25th St, Colorado Springs, CO.

Finally, how would you describe your sound to a music novice?

Grandmastaskunk: Southern Hip-Hop/Rap, Lofi, Trap Metal, Indie Rock, SoundCloud rap, Chopped & Screwed, Scream rap and Experimental.

Tune in deeper on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

NYC-based music producer Eon Crown drops explosively dynamic visuals for Get it

Slashing car tires and provoking sensitive alarms to go off unexpectedly, Eon Crown releases the kind of song which can flip moods over like a tasty burger on his hot new single to slide with called Get it.

Eon Crown is a New York, USA-based music producer/artist who fuses hip-hop into his wild beats which are made with so much sizzle and a rapid-fire verve to get enthusiastic about.

Featuring rather exceptionally crisp and imaginative dance moves to shake up the sleepy world, Eon Crown pulsates like a flashy thunderstorm and shall blow away all the haters. Goodness me this is a superior track. There is nothing too hardcore here either. This is a proper single made with supreme skill and easy-to-see desire. Just the way we like it. Oh yes, the visuals might stimulate creaky bones to get up on the dance floor again. Life is too short to sit down all the time right?

Get it from the excellent NYC hip-hop music producer/artist Eon Crown is a real-life heart beater to soothe all worries away like eating ice cream on a hot day. It’s tasty and all worries seem to go away.

Soaring high like Superman and brushing all the cobwebs away like a bonafide boss, there is vibrant electricity here which might shock many back into place like a chiropractor on a mission to crack the planet back into place.

See this epic video on YouTube. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drift back to the 90s rave era with Timothy and the Apocalypse’s latest forewarning release, Strange Tide

I never need all too much convincing to evade modernity and drift back into the relative comfort of the 90s; Timothy and the Apocalypse’s 90s rave-inspired release, Strange Tide, made taking an aural trip back across the decades all too irresistible.

Beyond the swelling progressions, crafted for filling floors and drinking in metropolitan landscapes in the twilight, there is a subtle reminder that you can only swim against the tides of narcissism for so long before you get pulled under by the self-serving currents.

With his fourth full-length album, All Busted Up, in the pipeline, there has never been a better time to indulge in Timothy and the Apocalypse’s electronica escapism.

Strange Tide is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nocturnal Omissions – Safety Demonstration: Dark Lo-Fi Chill-Wave.

Nocturnal Omissions

‘Safety Demonstration is just one of the standout dystopic darkwave singles that feature on the latest album to be released by the electronica artist and producer Nocturnal Omissions.

The solo artist first burst into NYC’s underground alternative scene in the early 00s before becoming Myspace famous; with five albums under his belt and plenty more EPs to boot, Nocturnal Omissions has continued to hone in on his craft. To stay true to authentic expression, each of his albums offers a different sonic twist.

Tempus Destinatum follows on from his electronic post-rock album, Transientalism which unravels as a melodic feat of lo-fi post-rock. With his latest album, he’s borrowed elements from chill-wave hip hop pioneers before infusing them with his domineeringly dark signature edge.

Check out Nocturnal Omissions via the official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Grant Dudson goes leftfield with their latest EDM release, ‘Taming Tincture’

UK-based producer, Grant Dudson, has released his latest cinematic EDM mix ‘Taming Tincture’; the melodically leftfield mix teases orchestral nuances but never leaves its gritty urban essence far behind.

For any true aficionados of bold and modernistic electronica, the artist who started their career in RnB and Hip Hop is one for the radar. Everyone’s a producer in 2021, but producers with the ability to evoke so much emotion via electronic sequences are few and far between; Grant Dudson’s sound fills the gap nicely.

You can check out Grant Dudson’s futuristically psychotropic track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

B.A. Talks – Ysl: A Grimey Take on the High-Life

‘Ysl’ is the second release to drop from trailblazing Rap artist B.A. Talks, with elements of Grime in the EDM Hip Hop production, the beats are just as domineering as B.A. Talks’ feverishly multilingual vocals.

Not only is the monocultural mould shattered with Ysl, but the artist also melds a myriad of stylic elements from across the urban aural spectrum to ensure that nothing about it feels assimilative. From Drill to Grime to Trap, it’s all there in a stylistic rhythmic storm. Additionally, you’d be hard-pressed to find an artist projecting just as much passion into their music. He’s definitely one to watch.

Ysl is available to stream via all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast