Tom James Parmiter – Ghosts of the Lake: Experimentally Ethereal Ambient

London-based Ambient composer and producer Tom James Parmiter has recently released his latest EP ‘Ghosts of the Lake’. Each of the tracks flowed to a tentatively mesmeric pacing. However, it was the title track which really captivated our attention. The haunted melodies of the track allowed the harmony to resonate as ethereally as an orchestral arrangement.

The experimentalism hits you mid-way through the fourth track, as Tom James Parmiter’s progressive style unpredictably disrupts the seamless flow of the mix without a built up, you’re just faced with a wall of guitar around the trickling of the keys and the resounding energy which hits you through the electronic effect. Tom James Parmiter may just be the future of instrumental Shoegaze with his creeping cathartic melodies fuelled with an evocative drive which can be heard in each reverb-soaked note of the guitar.

You can check out Tom James Parmiter’s latest single Ghost of the Lake for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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