Toast – One Of Those Night; A Confectionary Of Resonating Vibe

Resolved, now get you cloak and cape ready because “OOTN” in its surrealistic power will leave you levitating way above the skyline and entwined in marshmallow of its unimpaired sound.

“One Of Those Night” can be likened to the north star of the lunar world. This song is absofuckinglutely psychedelic. A conglomeration of well invented sound in a perfect blend of hip-hop sound is what this song is all about.

Hip-Hop couldn’t have been pitched any better.  A pure definition of an incredible talent and brain is what this epic song revolves on. You’ll be so damn wonderstruck to even say the very least when you behold the worth of the musical treasure that is tucked beneath this music.

The Intro of this song is so captivating and was exactly positioned to work as that perfect click bait that lies in wait to abduct and lure anyone that toils towards its path.

It’s even more amazing to witness the beauty of musical transition of different synth that was occasionally enacted at each minute of this song.

The deep voice of the artist further signed, sealed and rendered this a masterpiece that’s in a class of its own. This artist is in the clime of Big Sean and Childish Gambino. Toast’s Rap game is A+ and the flow of the rhyme is just too smooth.

The technical brilliance of the sound, the apt adroitness of the artist, the annunciation and self-expressiveness of the artist’s clear intent, and above all the flawless delivery of the song is the most electrifying feeling I’ve had from a hip-hop song recently.

This song is most definitely the dopest hip-hop / rap song you should cop for yourself and listen to right now.

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