Thomas Bradley Project release reflective ”Falling Down”

Sometimes we fall down. If we have real friends and family around us then we are pulled up and stand up again. Leaving your past behind is the only way to avoid that sinking feeling. You can then grow and evolve while starting afresh.

This is the follow up to April 2020’s Eternal Sea from the Thomas Bradley Project that was brilliantly reviewed by Amelia Vandergast. What a song this is. This new creation is part of his new 4 part demo that is proving to be a fantastic series of music from the young musician and his band.

Falling Down’‘ is a terrifically arranged song that is easy to get lost in. It’s so emotional and you can feel the hurt inside the vocals and lyrics from Thomas. Thomas Bradley is on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar with Thomas Dean on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals. The violin skills from Keisha Drury adds so much elegance to this song and I have goosebumps while listening to her. Thomas Bradley Project have together created a wonderful track that is sad and beautiful at the same time. This is about building yourself up after being hurt and mending the broken heart. This is a promising act that will get lots of love in the indie circles and they should be proud of this effort.

Listen to more of this soulful artist right here on his growing YouTube channel that shows loads of potential.

Follow this band on their Facebook page so you can see when they are live in your town.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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