Third Lung – As You Stand: Radio Ready Rock

As You Stand is just one of the sensational singles from Third Lung’s 2018 album ‘Breaking Late’. The Reading, UK based 4-piece powerhouse of musicians created one of those rare tracks which bleeds pure resonance, it lingers in the guitar, the reverberation, the pained emotion spilled through the vocals and the compelling lyrics. As You Stand is a track capable of making you feel like your stomach lining has been replaced with rocks.

The succinctly strummed guitars create a perfectly raucous platform for the vocalist to lay down his breath-taking passion through verses that would seriously give Brandon Boyd from Incubus a run for his money. As long as there are bands such as Third Lung around keeping the guitar sound poignant and posed, it will never go out of fashion, I won’t be forgetting about those soaring vocals in a hurry.

Well, it’s safe to say I’m won over by Third Lung’s electrically composed anthem As You Stand, you can check their single alongside their new album Breaking Late on SoundCloud now. Each of the six tracks off he album stand as testament to Third Lung’s raucous versatility.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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