There Are Haunting Piano Pieces, Then There’s Steven Araico’s Latest Masterpiece

Well, one things for sure Steven Aracio knows how to compose a haunting prelude, within the first few notes I was preparing myself to reach for the tissues. Each note of the piano is enough to send piercing spears through your stomach as you feel yourself slipping deeper in this sensationally melancholic Indie Acoustic Piano piece.

If Steven Araico’s latest track doesn’t move you, it’s safe to assume that you’re dead inside. The piano melody carries as much emotion as the painfully beautiful vocals in Letting Go. There have been a million songs written about letting go, but this up and coming artist makes it feel like you’re being treated to a whole new emotion. The contrast between his Neo-Classical piano styling and Indie Pop Rock vocals create a synergy that’s so fresh it could only be described as organic. The sporadic drum rolls placed around the keys provided an unexpected grounding rhythm that seems to catch me off guard every time I listen to Letting Go (You can’t just play it once)

Head on over to YouTube where you can check out Steven Araico in all of his maestro majesty in the official music video to his latest composition Letting Go which was released June 23rd, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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