The Mason District – An out of this world indie-rock future classic

You have to love a song which reminds you of so many songs and styles whilst simultaneously sounding new, fresh and exciting. That has to be the art to penning a great song, to offer something familiar but which also sounds totally new at the same time. This Cleveland trio run largely down an indie-rock sonic pathway, mixing infectious riffs and solid back beats, an almost pop addictiveness and some seriously funkiness to their melodies but they also echo with the hallmarks of alt-rock heroes, bluesy tastemakers and even retro-psychedelic warriors from across the ages.

That’s a lot to fit in to one song but such is the prowess of The Mason District and the wonderfully named Earth To Lucy not only sounds like a long forgotten gem but a recently found future classic. It is smart and spacious, allowing deft music blending and a knowledge that you don’t have to throw all of your musical eggs in one sonic basket to get people to take notice of you. You just have to try and be smarter than the competition and this is indie-rock with a PhD for sure.

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