The Horizon Problem – Storm: The Track Changing the Definition of Progressive Rock

Any self-respecting audiophile who has a penchant for intricately soft instrumental progressions are going to want to check out The Horizon Problem’s track “Storm”.

If any band deserve to call themselves progressive, It’s the Horizon Problem, there’s almost the sense that they’ve covered every Alternative genre known to man in their momentous single. Fans of Prog Rock may have the ability to predict the progressions in many tracks, but Storm may just leave your jaw on the floor.

Kicking off with Nick Cave-style vocals to a light melodic indie single, Storm slowly amplifies in momentum into a heavier sound, with a complete twist in the lyrical style as you move into a more Rock-feeling anthem. Each switch up is even more immersive than the last. Especially the Mr Bungle-style Basslines which crash into aural chaos, leading into a more Pop Punk sound, before transgressing once more into a sound which would be more reminiscent of a mash up of Iron Maiden and Rage Against the Machine.

All of this is done without the track sounding like some poorly glued together medley, each move is natural. After you’ve been treated such a raw and energised sound, the track winds back down, with the vocals almost sounding as sweet as a serenade and the instrumentals a lullaby.

You can check out The Horizon Problem’s latest track Storm for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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