Texas-Based ‘Schizo Pop’ artist Eye Said So wreak aural havoc with latest single “State of Mind” ft. Taeryn Rayne


With their latest single “State of Mind” the up and coming artist Eye Said So affirmed my belief that artists who create their titles with puns always offer artfully exemplary soundscapes.

State of Mind featuring Taeryn Rayne is a single which could cause plenty of bands to reconsider whether they can get away with calling themselves progressive.

The genre-mashing single kicks off with a mellifluous offering of moody Indie Pop with gently jangling guitars before evolving into an anthemic EDM Pop Punk soundscape. But Eye Said So didn’t stop there. Before taking the tempo back down again State of Mind somehow seamlessly crashes into a mix of bass-driven Post-Rock Industrial Metal; making their latest single a smorgasbord of contrasting yet complementary aural delights.

You can check out Eye Said So’s latest single State of Mind for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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