TashonSaquan – Noir

Up and coming artist,  TashonSaquan  penned down a colorful rhymes on rolling wheels.

There’s definitely something particularly earth shattering here – we’ve heard this subject broached in countless indie pop songs, naturally – but what is earth shaking, instead, is how this artist takes the familiar and revitalizes it for his audience through the sheer force of skill and personality.

It’s truly invigorating to hear the vocals of the artist as well. The swing pace of Noir was carried off by the artist’s smooth vocals with exceptional skill.

Everything comes off with great naturalness and consideration – the drum bass beat, in particular, mixes strong chord work with glittering melodic lines.

The chorus is the song’s unquestioned musical high point.

There’s never any sense of throwback or pastiche pervading this track; it has a biting current sound that touches on tropes that will immediately click for both casual and longtime listeners.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the song as it helped the listeners focus on the actual song which I must say is pretty good & catchy. Noir definitely features catchy lyrics & beat that mesh with the artists voice perfectly.

I highly suggest checking out the music as it is a definite must add to your playlist!

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