Tarek 0_- – Wherever: Ambiently Arresting Chill Hop

Tarek 0_- may have created the most cathartic sound I’ve ever had the pleasure of slipping into with his release of Wherever. Rather than just sending you into a catatonic state the ambient track bleeds through enough melody to keep you hooked onto every single snare, rattle and fluid progression of the Trap style beat. Vocals were rendered unnecessary (and quite rightly so) for wherever as the soundscapes flirted with lucid uplifting emotion that I can guarantee will enable you to reach a blissfully transient new plateau. In his playfully experimental style he describes his music as ‘Marvin Gaye meets Brian Eno’ those give words sum up his sound almost perfectly. But this one, you’re really going to have to listen to yourself. There is as much substance between the space of the sounds as there is contained within them as they trickle by never demanding attention just offering pure vibrant harmony.

You can check out Tarek 0_-‘s latest track Wherever on SoundCloud now along with his latest releases where Tarek 0_- has mixed up his quiescent style with a more traditional Chill Hop approach to sound.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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