Reed Willy – You Think; R&B Soul Fit for This Century

Reed Willy’s latest track You Think has successfully brought R&B & Soul into this decade, whilst may other artists are still trying to revive the tired old R Kelly vibes Reed Willy has taken his sound in a completely different direction.

Reed Willy is to the R&B genre what New Wave Trap is to the Rap scene, his playful approach which is steeped with high-vibe polyphonic melodies is infectious and up-beat bounce. You Think contains all the funk and groove that you’d expect from any Jazz track, yet Reed Willy’s urban charisma creates something else entirely. The lyricism is as sweet as it is genius and as for his vocals, they’re just the cherry on the cake to the stellar release of ‘You Think’ which dropped in July 2018. If you’re expecting the same old tired crooning you’re in for a disappointment, Reed Willy constantly switches up the momentum of the vocals, going from melodic Rap bars that run like pure poetry to soulful soaring harmonies.

You can check out Reed Willy’s latest R&B & Soul track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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