Take a journey with Lukka

It is often said that making music is a journey, a creative road trip through eras and styles, ideas and imagery, and whilst this might seem like an over used cliche, there are some artists where you can see the artistic foot prints of the road they have travelled. How heavy those foot prints have been treaded into the musical ground and the pattern that they make is the difference between pastiche and originality and thankfully Lukka’s footprints are deft, graceful, knowing and considered.

She dances along long-forgotten folk tracks, walks parallel to indie backstreets and gently wanders 60’s psychedelic pop pathways and the footprints that she leaves are hypnotic and beguiling in their own right.  Because of this Tin Can sounds timeless, or at least it would sit comfortably in any decade of the last sixty years, slightly outside the mainstream and wonderfully confident in its own musical skin. Outsider music for those in the know.

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