Initial V takes on a dreamy voyage within the Mint Chocolate

Taken from his latest 7-track album called Palace of the Wild Heart, Initial V has just dropped a single so tasty it shall surely melt all over our hungry souls on the cloud-flying new single Mint Chocolate.

Initial V aka Christopher van Deutekom is a Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who is loving the solo world freedom and is only flourishing with inventive supremacy on all his releases.

After a decade of playing in local punk and hardcore bands in St. Louis, MO, V relocated to DC and pivoted to self-production in the vein of alternative pop and R&B similar to the likes of Steve Lacy and Blood Orange.” ~ Initial V

Showing much innovative evolution which shall set free many hearts, Initial V is one of those likeable artists you just want to play loud and place on repeat all day. Everything is so natural. Mellow and insightful to the core, we are transported into a hazy track with so much to feel enlightened by.

Mint Chocolate from Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Initial V is a bone-rattling single which will put many into a much better place than before. Drenched in mellow energies which might calm many anxious hearts, we find a delicious single to unwrap and devour with glee.

Hear this fine track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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