Virginia rockers Halfcast hopes she will finally let them go on ‘Blue and Gold’

Return by Halfcast

Taken from their recent 10-track release and 2nd album called ‘Return‘, Halfcast feels the lip-licking vultures looming rather closely on a ferociously raw single to wake us up from any self-enforced slumber we have been facing lately on ‘Blue and Gold‘.

Halfcast is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band who are exactly what we required for our intense proggy needs.

They pound the table down and show so much strength when others would fold. Halfcast appear to have risen from the dust and sound in ultra reinvigorated form, with a simply sensational performance that is right from their heart and shall rattle your insides just when you needed it most..

Blue and Gold‘ from Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band Halfcast is one of the more enjoyable grooves your spine might encounter today. They have riffs for days, a tight sound that has been meshed rather brilliantly together as one, and seems to make that proper rock sound that has been hiding away from the masses for too long.

When you feel you are done for, pick up your pieces and move into a better place.

Listen up to this raw track on Bandcamp and see more vibes on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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