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Neemkeez has dropped his debut big beat hip hop album, Sugar Brain.

San Francisco-hailing rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Neemzkeez is to hip hop what The Prodigy is to electronica. After releasing his ground-breaking debut album, Sugar Brain, it’s clear that his viscerally ensnaring music is anything but mainstream, but it carries all of the potential.

With his tendency to take inspiration from everything from the alt 90s, shoegaze and cloud rap, the album is a flawless feat of electronic innovation. The perfect introduction to Neemkeez sound is irrefutably ‘Overload’, which carries the progressive momentum of Infected Mushroom’s most euphoric mixes.

Hit play, and you won’t fail to be galvanised by the rapid-fire rap bars, melodic rap increments, caustic bass-riding beats, and Persian rhythms that represent Neemkeez’ cultural heritage.

Sugar Brain is an insanely promising debut. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

You can check out Neemkeez’ debut album that dropped on June 11th, 2021, via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bone Cult’s ‘’Realize’’ is the freaky faced paced single for 2020’s wild year

This is a duo based in Nottingham, UK who come out with bone crushingly intense Death Electronica. This is definitely not music you would want your kids to listen to, unless they don’t plan on sleeping for a while.

Driving beats and synths power is the name of the game here, powering through again and again to no rest bite. ‘Bone Cult’ are here to rock and not stop.

Starting out as a stripped back guitar and drums outfit, the duo has evolved by embracing technology to create new unheard on earth sounds. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Death From Above 1979 and Enter Shikari, the duo’s productions span a vivid and vast spectrum of rugged energy, riffs and production.

Relentless touring has seen the band perform to festivals across Europe, North America and Asia. The band’s popularity has soared internationally following their inclusion as characters in the online video game ‘Avakin Life’. A massive achievement and a great way in for the band. Gaming and music are two cultures that really mix well. 

This is music to a select few but I can appreciate it’s quality. I wouldn’t listen to this before bed however.

Stream more here if you dare.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SHINIL – Amor Fati (Original Mix) – Destination dance floor eutopia

Amor Fati by SHINIL is a track that feels like it was inspired by 90s dance classics like “Out of Space” by The Prodigy and has a structure reminiscent of 2002’s “Star Guitar” by The Chemical Brothers. While it is undoubtedly influenced by these two bands, as a entity, it is not at all derivative.

Like many songs of it’s genre, this one takes you on a journey, through memories that are either real or borrowed from your imagination, onto a floor you’ve graced a thousand times before. Normally, there are endless temporary friends or night-time acquaintances around, but on this occasion, you’re alone. As the beats hit with a subtle insistence, rising carefully, second by second, until your eyes are closed and both hands are snaking skywards, while riding a train to dance hall euphoria.

Take a chance, press play and be there, too.





Review by Lisa Knight

Jazz Collective ‘Dattilo’ Release Newest Single ‘Montreal’

The Central Coast-based transient music collective Dattilo who are quite known for their knack for producing songs that have lots of metaphorical lyrics and cool poetical rhymes. Dattilo has just released their newest single Montreal – a bluesy, bossa nova story about a search for home and a celebration of the city itself. This is a song that exudes lots of chilled memory of nostalgia, the longing of home and everything beautiful therein that makes it a very special place to always visit.

Pioneered by the core lyricist, performer and a songwriter, Ellika. Dattilo is constantly discovering itself as it brings musicians together around Ellika’s central message to focus on the power of poetic messages whilst creating something bigger than itself.

Dattilo’s newest single, Montreal, was inspired by a visit to Ellika’s birth city upon finding that the visit didn’t fulfil her desire to feel at home. Although disappointed by the lack of familiarity experienced on the visit, Ellika wanted to write a piece to celebrate the city’s 375th birthday, and so Montreal was written.

Being in the same category of few musicians that practice “Nothing-Behind-The-Music” style is perhaps what added some pinch of flavour to their uniqueness. Just like Sia, Dattilo holds a no face fame principle so that listeners will identify Dattilo with ‘the word in their song’, and the uniquely written signature flare it has to bring.

The concept, the aesthetic, the lyrics, the sound are the features that will most definitely tickle your fancy in this song.

If you’re a poet at heart, a lover of beautiful stories and an all-genre-music enthusiast that’s got a good dose of keenness for musical spontaneity then you’ll definitely enjoy this song.

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