SHINIL – Amor Fati (Original Mix) – Destination dance floor eutopia

Amor Fati by SHINIL is a track that feels like it was inspired by 90s dance classics like “Out of Space” by The Prodigy and has a structure reminiscent of 2002’s “Star Guitar” by The Chemical Brothers. While it is undoubtedly influenced by these two bands, as a entity, it is not at all derivative.

Like many songs of it’s genre, this one takes you on a journey, through memories that are either real or borrowed from your imagination, onto a floor you’ve graced a thousand times before. Normally, there are endless temporary friends or night-time acquaintances around, but on this occasion, you’re alone. As the beats hit with a subtle insistence, rising carefully, second by second, until your eyes are closed and both hands are snaking skywards, while riding a train to dance hall euphoria.

Take a chance, press play and be there, too.





Review by Lisa Knight

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