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Ain’t Got Time: New York alt-RnB artist PARTYNXISE makes his moves despite the haters on ‘Talking About Me’

With a floor-thudding intro beat that surges into our beating sensitivities with breakneck spirit, PARTYNXISE strives to disregard those small-minded people who just don’t get his style on ‘Talking About Me‘.

PARTYNXISE is a flourishing The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer who has recently emerged on the scene with his comforting vocals and profound lyrics.

While everyone is masking their sound behind money woman and materials. PARTYNXISE talks about the dark truths of life, addiction, depression and anxiety. There are happier moments as well but not every day there’s a happy ending.” ~ PARTYNXISE

PARTYNXISE sends us a booming new single that is furnished with an imaginative endeavour, that is such an explosive experience for your ears that might need to have a massage to calm down. There are high-tempo vocals here paired with a dynamic desire, that takes you to a place that is quite euphoric at times.

Talking About Me‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer PARTYNXISE, is a freshly-brewed track from a youthful artist who just desires to be the biggest artist in the world. There is something somewhat unique about his music that is packed with authentic vision, that shows us a man who is only going to go upwards towards his manifested dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Take It Anymore: Humorous The Bronx band House of Weirdos could use a helping hand on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’

Comprised of a group of childhood friends who all grew up together, House of Weirdos follow the crumbs and head towards the wise man who could possibly assist with the unexplained voices on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please‘.

House of Weirdos is a four-piece The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band. They are a highly experienced act who keep the humor light and full of laughs, as they showcase their electric energy with a terrific track here.

All songs and videos are recorded, produced and edited by House of Weirdos with the help of a handful of weirdo friends.” ~ House of Weirdos

With highly expressive vocals which are finely tuned and featuring a chorus which will have you singing along, this is an entertaining track with lots of heart and shows us their likable style, which is easy to see on this funny single.

Help Me Doctor, Please‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band House of Weirdos, is a tremendously fun track which tells the story of needing to go for help, but leaving really quickly with the gloves come out for further inspection. On a catchy beat with lots of action on these exciting visuals, this is a track to play to take the edge off serious life decisions, which can really drag you down into the grumpy dumps.

Sometimes you just need to get your mates together with friendly nurses joining the team, and play some kick-ass rock music to sooth any pain away.

See this new video on their YouTube and see more news on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Watch Nature Die: Brooklyn emcee Jack Frigid wonders how much more we can take on ‘So Much Pain’

Returning masterly with his latest fantastic release after the well-deserved success of the underground classic ‘The Prophet‘, Jack Frigid is in an understandably reflective mood as he sees the streets bleeding uncontrollably on the impressive new single ‘So Much Pain’.

Jack Frigid is a gospel-influenced indie hip-hop artist from The Bronx, New York. He has that old school feel when you turn him up to the max, as he skillfully creates that classic-sounding music, that has your head grooving and your enthralled body moving.

I have been making music as long as I’ve been alive. To this day like all other music makers you can catch me banging on tables or something. I make music to send a message of light and to move emotions. My music’s meaning is to provoke thought.” ~ Jack Frigid

On a terrific boom bap beat for the ages, this is true hip-hop of the highest standard around. With quality lyrics that have been consummately engineered like a real pro – this is an absolute all-time gem of a track – that is up there with the most important singles to listen to in 2021.

So Much Pain‘ from The Bronx, New York-based hip-hop artist Jack Frigid, is one of those superlative tracks you dial up loud and never regret the vibration flowing excitedly from your thrilled speakers. This is the message of wondering what the future holds, as your pray for calmer waters from up above, and hope that the world may stop burning furiously like it is now.

There comes a time in your life when you look around outside your window and wonder why there is so much suffering, when there could – and should – be peace for all, if we all worked together as one team.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Bronx emcee Whoodie is ready for business on ”Switch It Up”

Whoodie is a fiery female emcee from The Bronx in thriving New York City who tears it up with her terrific new track named ”Switch It Up”.

No time for lazy vibes, this is the story of an artist that is feeling that this could be her time. With punch-barreled beats that are slightly sizzled with an attitude of independence. She wants to know who is real and who is not. The time for guessing and the time for doubts are over.

Whoodie has been in love with the music since birth. She has early dreams of becoming a music producer and studied Audio Production at University. Working behind the scenes in the music industry really motivated Whoodie to break out of her shell and give being in the spot light a shot. This extra motivation is very clear to see.

With a full length album on the way and more videos, this is a hard-working emcee that is truly perfecting her craft. ”Switch It Up” is a flow-driven track with biting lyrics that speaks about that extra motivation. The beat suits Whoodie’s style and this is a top Hip Hop song that drives in with a slide and some smoke from the wheels. The Bronx is a proud home of this genre and Whoodie lives up to real rap legends legacies.

Streaming this on Spotify is a good idea.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen