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Money Mission: Tennessee’s Mystro Pope turns on the ‘Power’ (ft. Loc Sleepy) with ferocious accuracy

With a flow that dives straight into the hip-hop waters of honest flows and stories that feel like a movie, Mystro Pope signals his intent with the hard-edged new single named ‘Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy).

Self-motivated Memphis, Tennessee-based rapper Mystro Pope, is a hip-hop artist with that paper-first mentality, who makes music that reflects his one track mindset to be successful, whilst making releases that simmer hot in the streets unforgiving kitchen.

Produced by the strong bass sounds of T-Head, this is a massive statement of starting fresh with a new and loyal crew, far away from the cowards of before. He chases the elusive-to-some money bag with three pointers all over the place, as he shoots his way to that top echelon rap mansion that has all the honey you can eat, avoiding the tempting traps like in snakes and ladders.

His voice lets you know that he is for real and with a top feature from a fellow like-minded street DNA rapper, these two up the volume on a track that is a welcome addition when there is way too many soft-as-ice-cream singles in this genre that add very little value to the world. This is that real talk marauding crew song that lifts you off your chair and finds you searching for more like it.

Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy) from the strong-willed Tennessee-based emcee Mystro Pope, busts a hole in your fragile speaker as he takes us for a ride through his street, to show us what needs to be done in order to be successful in this shark-infested world.

Watching the video on YouTube and see more on IG.

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The Right Tribe: AJ Raggs brings us the good energy on the vibrant vibe ‘My Kinda People’

Bringing his catchy positive energy to wipe away the gloomy and sad faces, AJ Raggs is all about finding the good vibes that helps manifest into helping others see what is possible on ‘My Kinda People‘.

Angelo Ragghianti aka AJ Raggs is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-born, soon-to-be Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter and local cantor at various churches and festivals too. He brings that soulful soundtrack that immerses you closely to his light that burns bright and with such meaning.

His voice carries you to the promised land, where you are with only friends and family that are going to help you find your true purpose through encouragement, not doubt and games that you don’t want to play.

This is the true story of how you can only be great if you surround yourself with those real humans, not the fake alien-type people that seem to be on their own selfish planet that is not a good place to be at all. Staying away from the television helps too as that just adds to your anxiousness, rather than hanging out with kind people who smile and ride the wave of life with a chilled mindset.

My Kinda People‘ from the passionate Pittsburgh-based singer AJ Raggs, is a feel-good song for any day, any month or any year. He sings with that self-aware tone that has you locked in gently to his message of finding your real team. Being with people that don’t get you is bad for your soul anyway.

See this YouTube video here and see more on his IG.

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Feelings Lost: Kyle Sirk brings us the thoughtful track about those memories that faded away on ‘Heavy On’ (feat. Noah Marr)

With a deeply lit tone that has you feeling extra introspective, Kyle Sirk is back with the bass on low with the new single all about those relationships that have run their course on ‘Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr).

Cleveland, Tennessee-based indie hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk makes that supremely motivated music as he is only focused on growing and succeeding. Its this extra fire that sees him wanting to see his hard work to the finish line, that drives him to push as hard as he can go.

Their music flow has you sparked up, your eyes are alight with thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix things. Life is a crazy game and you just want to win once in a while after all.

We are enterprisingly wrapped into the relevant message of once wanting someone so bad, as then it all faded away like the winds of change, as you just knew that you needed something more. You were together just the other day but its not the same now, as you wish they were the vaccine but they just make you feel all empty and lost inside.

Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr) from the hard working Tennessee hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk, is a track that has you feeling super reflective, as you gaze into the sky and wonder about past love and what it was all supposed to teach you in the end. With a mellow style, this is a perfect track for those rainy days when you just want to be by yourself so that you can replenish your energies, as you work out what to do better next time you fall in love.

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Foot On The Gas: MaY2X tear it up Tennessee style on ‘Thumbing’ (feat. Trofye)

Powered efficiently by Diamond Core Productions, MaY2X drops the clutch and gets us moving in rhythmic unison to make that hard-earned dollar with ‘Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye).

MaY2X is a skillful Franklin, Tennessee hip-hop artist who joins forces with regular collaborator and friend Trofye on this tire burning fire track. They make that straight style music that keeps you entertained and informed about how things really are right now.

This is the true story about showing how clean and fresh you are with your loyal team who are making that paper, while dissing other peeps that don’t really get it as they do things that make no sense at all. With so much snitching going in this wild world, these two Southern emcee’s urge calm and common sense to prevail with these catchy verses, that slide diligently into your eager memory and makes you want to go and call that feisty girl that you really like but know you should really stay away from.

Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye) from Tennessee’s MaY2X, is a fun party track made by two talented underground rappers, who flow with intent and velocity to leave you feeling positive about the days events, while ready to get out and about to have a great time this evening.

See this piece of realness on YouTube and check out IG for more visuals.

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Can’t Buy Respect: DTO flows his purpose on ‘SaidWatiSaid’

With an eloquently edgy delivery that shows his emerging greatness in the national rap game, DTO steps things up a notch with the visuals for his get-bread single taken off his ‘Pandemic‘ mixtape called ‘SaidWatiSaid‘.

Demarcus Odum aka DTO, is a top shelf criminally underrated emcee born in Chicago and reps the 731 of East Jackson, Tennessee. He hops in the blacked-out car with a proper plan and drops a boss-like track that has you inspired to put down the remote and go make that money you deserve.

This is the tale about how lots of people talk but get nowhere with this attitude, while he is delivering due to that extra edge and willingness to be open minded to furthering his resume, with lots of different income streams to make his own water park.

With a few jabs at other lazy rappers, he hits the knockout punch with some fiery verses that certainly catches your attention. He raps smoothly and without unrealistic stories that feel fake, this is a man that is really in the game and not pretending to be someone he isn’t.

SaidWatiSaid‘ from the highly motivated Tennessee hip-hop artist DTO, is that respect-in-the-street track that gets the mood revved up and into the right gear. Whilst he might be getting the bread now, it feels like if he carries on staying humble and elevating his wordplay to another plateau on the regular, he will have the whole bakery before too long.

Motivate yourself to get moving on YouTube and check out his IG for more.

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Come Slide Through: Clint Cash brings the party bash with ‘Kung Fu’ (feat. Woo Horry)

Making sure that the nights adventures only end after 6am in the morning, Clint Cash brings the fun back on ‘Kung Fu‘ (feat. Woo Horry) on the late-night flow track to help us remember when we were wild and free like a runaway cat.

Clint Cash is a wise Jackson, Tennessee hip-hop artist/producer who has learnt the hard way in life and brings in the talented Woo Horry, to form a top team that shreds happily through their formulated verses, like they were hungry for more.

After experiencing the ups with a lot of lows inside his mind to keep him humble, you feel like this is an emcee who is only thinking of the future, as he vows never to be down again.

“I know what its like to have nothing, but as long as you have the mindset of winning you cant lose.”- Clint Cash

With wordplay venom pulsating from their strengthened armor, you feel like this could be the party of the year as they stomp down the bars with an enthusiastic beat, that has you thinking about going out again.

Kung Fu‘ (feat. Woo Horry) from Clint Cash is an ode to the future, when staying out really late will be back without too much care in the world from many. This is a catchy new single that brings the memories of the good times, flooding back to former glories.

Stream this party track on YouTube and check out his story on IG.

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Simply genuine meals: heyJ is so ‘Hungry For Your Love’ on sensational new single

With a voice so crisply toasted into that ultimate affection for our cold souls, heyJ warms up the anxious heart on her stunning new single called ‘Hungry For Your Love‘.

heyJ is an outstanding Nashville, Tennessee-based, Belmont University Music Business student, New Orleans-born and raised indie jazz-pop singer-songwriter. She breathlessly creates music about unfortunate past heartbreaks, future love and learning about herself, in this often-confusing world around us.

Her love for music is so easily apparent and after starting her journey when she was merely a young pup at aged six, her powerful voice shines through the darkness of present times, to illuminate the sky above.

This is the true story of a wise-beyond-her-years young singer, who passionately craves those simple moments away from the common moments from reality TV and what you are supposed to do when in love. She is clearly after that deep passion which fills her body with joy, as true companionship and learning together, is what makes her feel alive. Being together with someone genuine heart-to-heart, is all she wants really, as she looks for that special soul that only has pure intentions.

Hungry For Your Love‘ from the dazzling talent of the beautifully enchanting heyJ, is that sweetly-coated memorable delicious soundscape, that makes your heart beat a bit faster, as the juices lather your senses to love again, no matter what happened before.

Life is all about taking a chance sometimes to find your special soul, who is out there if you look in the right places.

Hear this wonderful single on Spotify and watch her rise to the top on IG.

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What are you running from: MacKenzie Grant tells the true story of growing up too quick on ‘Little Girl’

Taken off her glorious comeback album called ‘Wonder World‘, MacKenzie Grant is so real on the story of the ‘Little Girl‘ trying to run away and find her own path.

Intimate singer-songwriter, pianist, artist, educator, counselor and loving Mother MacKenzie Grant, is an Upstate New York-born, Berklee College of Music in Boston graduate and Nashville, Tennessee-based creative, who is on a meaningful path to spread her loving message all over the world.

Her voice is so caring, firm but fair and so very sweet, her personal experiences and counseling work with various families of all backgrounds means that she has seen a lot. Perhaps too much for now.

Her path back to music feels like a road she has dreamed of for a while now, her love of performing and projecting her art helps her to heal inside, each word is so meaningful and loving, as she explores the world’s human condition and learns about herself again too.

Little Girl‘ from the wondrous voice of MacKenzie Grant, is a striking story about growing up so fast, making mistakes and then trying to run away from them, rather than dealing the issue and taking on whatever consequences come your way as a learning experience. This is a tough lesson for all of us whether we are young or old, but the only way to make sure that you can move on inside your heart and start the healing process faster.

Life can be an ever-winding road sometimes and getting away seems like the best idea at the time. As you grow older you realize that this is the worst way to go and having someone close to guide you, really helps you find that calming road to redemption.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see her journey back into music on IG.

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He got the hookup: Beretta Biz slides in where he wants on ‘Like P’

Powered by Bro Life Music, Beretta Biz drives in with the top down real low on his entertaining new single called ‘Like P‘, which is taken off the new fourteen-track album ‘Moon Roof‘.

Beretta Biz is a flourishing South Philadelphia-based emcee who also spent time in the South via Memphis, Tennessee which only adds to his soulful deepness inside this talented artists bones. He makes that late-night groove music, that is what we all want after an evening out on the town.

With street stories about cruising around with his ladies and knowing where the fly spots are, he slides through the verses like a smooth professional, as his style is laid-back and straight to the point. With bags of charisma lathered all over his flow, he packs a load full of swag and confidence that you can feel all over each word he drops.

This is the tale of how he doesn’t get too stressed out about much until he sees some shady cats blink and shed their whiskers when they shouldn’t. He is an emcee that will bring the ladies as his style is max fly and fill the speakers up with that proper flow, that you can understand and puts lame mumble posers under the bus. This is a big boys game and here is a true OG that slides in where he wants to, as he is respected where he’s from.

Like P‘ from the South Philly emcee Beretta Biz, is a late-night cruise that hits all the right spots in the soul food department and further cements his name as one of the best around. When you have a flow like his, people take notice and just want to groove to these heavenly vibes all evening.

Stream this busty beat here on Spotify and see his style on IG.

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Doing things his way: Bryce Mattox drops intriguing debut music video that’s refreshingly ‘Different’

With his own way of doing things, Bryce Mattox shows everyone that you can be ‘Different‘ to the rest, if you really want to shine in life.

Bryce Mattox is a rising Memphis, Tennessee-based Hip-Hop artist who has a way of thinking that sets his apart from his peers. He likes to look outside of the box and create his own lane. With a flourishing flow that swerves around the doubters, he slides through the bars like a master chef chopping up dinner.

His delivery sweeps through the dust of the dull, as he raps with a huge smile and a big swing to get that hole in one. This is the story about believing in your abilities and not listening to the small-minded people that don’t want you to win. He has charm in abundance and this video showcases his undeniable talents, through his lens of exhilaration to be doing what he loves.

Different‘ from the likable young Memphis emcee Bryce Mattox, is that exciting new music video that brings a bounce to your step and a grin to your face. This is an exhilarating talent who raps with quick-fire charm and uses all of his skills to get his inspiring message across via a fresh track, that shows so much promise.

In a world full of artists that think you have to be like someone else to succeed, this is a heartfelt reminder that its so much better to do your own thing. The real ladies like an original thinker after all.

Hear this hot new unique track on YouTube and see his fresh style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen