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Hard House got harder with the release of ZacTomRob’s devilish drop ‘Mischief’

High tempo, hi-energy EDM shouldn’t be a genre description, but in the case of ZacTomRob’s ‘Mischief,’ it absolutely is. Techno-tinged drum and bass with sampled, sequenced vocal parts and a thunderous backline of programmed drums, rising bass parts, and a killer drop, this is a proper Hard House club anthem in the making.

Following up from September’s killer ‘Light That Feeling’, ‘Mischief’ is absolutely the sort of track to get people onto dance floors and lighting up clubs across the country. Mixed and mastered by the great Michael Wenz (Frankie Bones, Alpha Quadrant, The DRP), ‘Mischief’ is proper old-school EDM at its best.

See the video for ‘Mischief’ on YouTube now; follow ZacTomRob on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Turn it up: Belgian DJ John Gilliot smashes the speakers to shreds on ‘What Are We Made Of?’

John Gilliot is back with a mind-blowing bust-down-the-door track with the volume on really loud via the new Techno single ‘What Are We Made Of?’.

Dark and Acid vibes are pushed to the forefront on this Techno powerhouse smasher that was made for those long sweaty nights in the local club. With these mostly closed worldwide, fans of this genre have had to bunker down and go back to the old days of the invite-only underground private events to hear tracks like this.

The beat is ferocious from the moment you press play and the energy does not let up ever. This is a storming single to help us all through the nightmare and back to a place that we all enjoy. That loud ass music that the lame couple next door hate but you love, is thrown against the window here and splattered all over your room. Every now and again you hear the vocals and it gives you the shivers of pleasure.

With a build up that will make your local construction workers proud, this is a single that catches you off guard after a while as you get locked into the DJ’s club and closing your eyes is ideal on this one. Tomorrowland is today in your head and the gradual mysterious sounds ease any stress or headache you might have deep inside your body.

Belgian Techno DJ John Gilliot is quite breathless on ‘What Are We Made Of?’ as he makes 2020 a happier place. This is a single to play loud in your bunker with your headphones on so loud; you might burst an eardrum. It doesn’t even matter.

Stream this new track via Soundcloud and see his socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get a shot of entrancing EDM ecstasy from YAZ’s fiercely sonic mix ‘Judgement’

Starting off with a fiercely sonic blast of Techno, YAZ’s standout track ‘Judgement’ from her 2020 EP Eternity will remind you why you fell in love with EDM in the first place. The entrancement, the aural ecstasy, the ability to surrender your rhythmic pulses and accept that for the next few minutes, the music is going to take control while your synapses become ensnared by the danceable high-octane beats.

The instrumental mix needs no lyrics to feed emotion or feeling. Unrelenting momentum blazes all throughout Judgement, instead of waiting for the drop, each second of the mix will implant euphoria.

You can check out Judgement for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Asimov smashes in with powerful new techno single ‘Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust’

Asimov smashes in with powerful new techno single ‘Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust‘.

Asimov’s sound resonates in an undiscovered place between Progressive House, EDM and Melodic Techno: tunes sculpted on modern and classical structures are defined with both electrifying, flickety-split melodies and arm-raising, catchy hooks. No pre-produced sounds or samples are used that ensures that a genuine, individualistic style is formed. They achieve this goal with plenty to spare, this is a track you notice. The authentic nature is for all to see.

This a quick ride and you can just feel the sweaty club where this music is mostly played. The buzz is alive and you can tell that much effort was put into this release, this is fantastic techno music to dance to.

Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust‘ from Asimov is a fast-boosting song that is perfect for the party nights. There is so much steam here, the beats come at an excellent rate and just accelerates all the time like a humming Mustang. The lights are on and this is a DJ who knows his crowd. This is a club winner all the way.

Click here to stream and party!

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tom Algorithm – To Dust: Exploratively Immersive Electronica

Electronic artist and producer Tom Algorithm released their 5-track Minimalist Techno EP “Sequences” on August 9th, the perfect introduction to their captivatingly immersive style is “To Dust”.

The progressive soundscape offers a complexity which is rarely found in Instrumental Electronica. The vibe of the track isn’t immediately obvious, to make To Dust even more intriguing, the nuanced evolutions in tone leave you even more eager to hear what Tom Algorithm will throw your way next.

Despite their moniker, there’s a serious amount of well-rounded human emotion on offer in the deft progressions which are robust despite the delicacy of the neo-classically-inspired notes around the swelling basslines.

You can check out To Dust along with the rest of the Sequences EP for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Surrender your senses to Darth Athena’s high-energy Trance mix Polyzap

Atlanta-based EDM artist and producer Darth Athena has recently dropped their most entrancing track to date, Polyzap.

It wasn’t long before the high-energy futuristic mix quickly garnered plenty of acclaim from Techno, Tech House and Trance fans alike. Even without clubs to hit, the galvanising track became a playlist staple for anyone looking for a rhythmically hypnotic track to sink into.

The style, structure and execution of the extended-length are typical from what you can expect from Darth Athena, but with Polyzap, they created their most distinctive and daring track yet. Between the euphoric build-ups and the all to satisfying breakdowns, you’ll find doom-laden sonic synths amongst a myriad of other effects and sci-fi vibes which combine to ensure that listening to Polyzap is a full-body experience.

You can check out Polyzap for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Techno slammer ‘’Oh The Pain’’ by London locals YayRaven featuring Martina hammers the airwaves

To be fully released on the 5th June 2020 ‘YayRaven’ and ‘Martina’ thump their way into the party with their latest song, that is sure to please the masses at 2am on that sweaty dance floor.

The new duo who are based in London, England- make a fine introduction with their release. In a flooded genre with one hit wonders spread everywhere, you need to be consistent to stay in the game for the long term. You do, however, need that summer hit to make an entrance. I’m not certain this is the one but ‘Oh The Pain’ has a thumping beat, sensual but dark vocals and the song is catchy.

B-Litt Music Recordings is backing this song so let’s wait and see how this new track does when the crowds are back in the live venues. For now, it will be fascinating to see how the streamers enjoy ‘’Oh The Pain’’.

Get on the ‘YayRaven’ SoundCloud page now to familiarize yourself with the new Techno artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Figgis has dropped a brand new EP ‘Movement’

Figgis has released his five-track collection ‘Movements’ bringing in many elements from the sound of EDM house.

Each track specialising in it’s own sound, having a different style and tending to keep that energetic flow pulsing out of every second. Combining many sound effects to flow through and bounce off one another to give it that beat that gets you moving.

Using the use of repeating lyrics in a more high-pitched tone over the top, whilst adding in that fast pace melody that tends to lead to a drop in the beat, to get the heart-pumping as the beat picks up the pace and begins to get louder.

Some tracks stand out more than others, ‘Yesterday’s Dance’ is one that is a killer tune, it has a lot more of an impact as you listen, the build-up of suspense, with the powerful drum beat as the electronic style effects begin to disperse. Then adding in the distortion, as the melody begins to fade in and out and this eerie sound begins to take over.

Listen to Figgis EP Movements by heading on over to HERE now.

Review by Karley Myall

BlackSilence – Fill Me Up ft Niki Darling: Groove-Deep Tech House

If you missed out on the chillingly euphoric Dance mix “Fill Me Up” from BlackSilence, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the momentous floorfiller.

The Manchester-based music producer perceptibly knows a thing or two when it comes to lacing a mix with efficacious deep grooves and entrancing Techno build-ups. Expect plenty of snaring hooks throughout the duration of the single as BlackSilence proves that he knows just how to rhythmically arrest the listener.

Niki Darling’s vocals were the perfect fit for Fill Me up. Such a high-octane ecstasy-dripping soundscape was born for her powerfully soulful momentum-amplifying vocals.

You can check out the official music video to the latest single from BlackSilence for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Keep up to date with future releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

George Beck – 90s/High: Nostalgic 90s Vocal Techno/House

George Beck dropped a music video for his song “90s/High” earlier this year. The title track couldn’t have been more self-explanatory: The nostalgia for the 90s rave dance scene kicks in vividly.

And the dance scene isn’t the only item that George Beck sings about in this old-school acid house/techno anthem. He is reciting his lyrics in an Underworld-style delivery, recollecting all the good stuff from the nineties, the clubbing and this song maker’s carefree youth and dominance of free will – representing a whole generation of people for that matter. Realizing that this is a contemporary recording is quite odd; the same goes for the VHS-imagery music video.

Naturally, this is a creation which shall generously give joy to people that dearly treasure these images, this mood, this lifestyle, even though this spiritual wealth might have been transformed to nothing more than a block of memories. Kudos to George Beck for blessing us with some precious name-dropping; everyone who was there/familiar with it all, will acknowledge and instinctively smile, for the rest there’s Wikipedia.

Thank you George Beck. This is “90s/High”, get nostalgic here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis