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Give 2 The People (G2P) – The Sound: Playfully Grungy Funk Metal

Playful vocals, rampant guitar riffs & tasteful wah-wah solos, a stagger drumming section & a protagonist bass guitar – the elements that more or less make up G2P sound.

G2P is a three-piece act from Tampa, Florida and you can bet that the sound they’re bringing is as sunny as their homeland. “The Sound” is a snappy funk-metal song that is bound to delight listeners that are into RCHP, Primus & Faith No More (obviously). The drumming is vigorous yet concrete; the electric guitar’s sound is palatable and brings the heat with the song’s main riff. The bass is all-around slashing and serves as the main groove provider. Regardless, I think it is the vocals that take the cake. The listener who is either way into this sound will easily perceive an immediate influence from Mike Patton – which let’s be clear, 99 out of 100 times is nothing less than complementary to a musician.

You ought to let G2P funk you up; check out “The Sound” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


The Smooth New Sound Of Tampa

It comes as no surprise that Grand Lotus come from Tampa, there is a sun drenched vibe which runs through their chiming alt-pop, surf-rock what could only come from such a warm climate. There is also a sophistication which belies their young age. Whilst most guys their age content to be heavy handed copyists of the likes of the Foo Fighters, it is fantastic to find a band who revel in more intricate and more interesting music, heading more into a more Doobie Brothers or better still,  Steely Dan direction and that in itself is both an indication of their skills as well as their bravery.

Australia is at once frictionless and luxuriant but with just enough grit in the oyster to keep things from heading off towards the middle of the road and their sound might wear rocks outer garments but you catch glimpses of jazz, R&B and pop undergarments underneath. Now they have proven that they can infuse rock with more interesting elements, we can all wait with bated breath for them to flip the concept and really get creative.


Jay Hendo Releases New Track “The Arrival”

Jay Hendo is a young hip hop artist from Florida with strong R&B and hip hop influences from the 80s and 90s. Eagerly working on new material “The Arrival” is in fact Jay Hendo’s first single from his new EP, and as the name implies, it literally presents to us his strong arrival in the hip-hop scene. Full of determination and drive the lyric truly express his potential and desire to keep pushing forward in his career.

Apart from the instrumental backdrop and beat which compliments the structure of the lyrics while also accentuating specific phrases and key words, what is most striking about this track is particularly the rhythm and flow in the rap delivery. While there is a hook section which unifies everything together, the verses are expressed through playful rhythmic variations that deliver the lyrics with a natural prosody and a way that makes them understandable and enjoyable for everyone. At this point Jay Hendo shows no sign of slowing down and the near future definitely shows good things in store for him and his followers.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja