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Rap went pop in Don Drago’s single, Paradise ft. Bezz Believe & Nawlage 2k5

Prime your summer playlists with the hotter than Satan’s house cat pop-rap hit, Paradise, from the Tampa-based rapper Don Drago.

To turn up the good vibe heat to the nth degree, Bezz Believe and Nawlage 2K5 collaborated on the track, which boasts nuances of dancehall around the razor-sharp pop hooks that will embed in your mind from the first hit of this flavoursome feel-good seminal track, which proves that there are few things in life sweeter than partaking in sun-soaked hedonism.

Paradise is always painted as an intangible phenomenon; Don Drago proved that when the sea meets the sand under warm rays, paradise can be on any shore if you’re in the right company.

Paradise will hit the airwaves on April 28; check it out on SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Twist It: Tampa-based artist Jay-T sticks to that strict code on Unknown

Feeling the vibe as he sees those sneaky demon eyes who won’t let go, Jay-T rolls with the molly and doesn’t want the night to end on the no witness single to play boisterously on Unknown.

Jay-T aka Josh Thomas is a Denver, USA-born, Florida-based hip hop artist and music producer who fuses in some pulsating trippy and alternative layers into this progressive track.

Urging the surrounding people in his presence to show him something new that will cause his brain to work as he likes it, Jay-T shows us his entrepreneur mentality and guides us away from the meaningless noise and into a jaw-clenching world that will scare many, and energize others.

Unknown from the Tampa, Florida-based hip hop artist/music producer, Jay-T pulls through from outta space and urges us to keep the night lit like the green he is currently blazing in the end zone. Packed with a superbly vibrant atmosphere, this is a single to play on full when you’re on the way to the club.

Finding out new things you don’t understand yet is the best way to grow your mind.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asher Musgrave brought us into a post-punk season with, SummerBelle

Tampa’s boldest goth rock revivalist, Asher Musgrave, has continued in his endeavour to bring the obscure chill of post-punk & darkwave back into the atmosphere with his latest single, SummerBelle.

The up-and-coming songwriter, musician and producer ensued the experimentalism with a Sisters of Mercy-Esque intro, complete with post-punk crooning. Before breaking into an ensnaring dark amalgamation of burning synths, over-driven guitars and vocals which throw you back to the time when Marilyn Manson was known for Fight Song instead of his questionable antics.

Notably, he’s already on the right track to bring goth rock back into mainstream view. With a little production improvement, he has exactly what it takes.

Check out SummerBelle on Apple Music & YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Future bass fuses with classical in GASP’s ethereal electronic single, Qualified.

Electronica artist and producer GASP has released his ethereal debut album, CHILL FOREST MIX, which takes aural escapism to a whole new level. The Tampa-based artist fused his love of future bass, funk and classical into the ambiently explorative works that are quite literally a breath of fresh air for their embodiments of nature.

The standout single, Qualified, sets itself leagues apart from the predictable dystopic tracks that have flooded onto the airwaves recently. Qualified keeps its humanity and autonomy through the quiescent vocals which sporadically appear between the uniquely structured progressions. If you can imagine what Hozier would sound like if they became a ghost in the machine, you’ll get an idea of just how soulfully haunting the vocals are in Qualified. Instrumentally, it breaks a new aural boundary with every new evolution in sound.

Qualified is now available to stream with the rest of CHILL FOREST MIX via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nowhere To Go: Tampa mood-raisers BadCameo wonder who is to blame on ‘So Cold’

With supremely reflective lyrics about wishing you could be together during these lonely rain-ridden days of shivers, BadCameo gaze wondrously outside into the nippy rainy skies of doom and gloom with their latest thoughtful track ‘So Cold‘.

BadCameo is a prolific gig and festival performing North Carolina-born, Tampa, Florida-based indie Funk-Fusion three-piece band who usually bring the fresh disco-glam grooves. They are a genuine outfit who aim to help us recover our mojo again, with their signature stuffed fishes ready for action at any moment.

In October 2020, the band released their debut studio album “BadCameo Out Loud”. The album was self recorded and engineered, and explores the relationships one has with themselves and those around them. The nine songs push the boundaries of funk, disco, jazz, and pop, while even slipping in a little samba.” ~ BadCameo

So Cold‘ from North Carolina-born, Tampa, Florida-based indie Funk-Fusion act BadCameo, is an artistic piece of contemplative atmospheric realness that can’t ever be traded in. They transport us to a chilly world that has been made from this weird time in our odd world, that seems to be slowly returning back to an almost-normal place. Sung with a heartfelt desire to find the right things to say at the wrong time, this feels like the type of track that has been made with a highly personal story attached for us to unpack in our own way.

Sometimes love can be so magical and beautiful to lather inside, but also so cold with frostbite if we don’t keep it warm enough.

Hear this terrific track on Spotify and see more news on future gigs and releases via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My World Is Ending: Thundering Tampa metal band Mikky Malice turn up the heat with a blowtorch on ‘Sinner’s Requiem’

As they have our exposed ears ringing with their powerful sound that has your body feeling sparked up like an electrician who has just been shocked unexpectedly, Mikky Malice return mightily with their latest offering which is named ‘Sinner’s Requiem‘.

Mikky Malice is a high-octane groove alt-metal band from sunny Tampa in Florida, USA. They force ahead with hard-biting and explosive soundscapes that slashes the tires of anybody driving too slow, and has your unsuspecting speakers shaking like a feisty rattlesnake.

Sinner’s Requiem touches on some of the issues surrounding a person’s death. The anger, torment, and persecution of finding out a person’s true nature the pain and suffering of the people he caused around him. That same person realizing too late all the pain he caused to loved ones, but pride and fear keep him silent and unrepentant until death takes him. Everyone has a book of sin kept, what will yours look like? This song Sinner’s Requiem is for some a chance for healing and its message is hope for others.” – Mikky Malice

His formidable vocals are on full blast the whole way through as his fragile larynx reaches the ultimate passage to the other side – as the band are on top form with a strong display that has you feeling either nervous or reinvigorated – as they fuse together with an experienced sound, that has your heart pounding.

Sinner’s Requiem‘ from the fast-paced groove metal band from Tampa, Florida named Mikky Malice, has your thoughts really alive as you think about what comes after your life. They rage in and slam the front door with reckless abandon, with a flurry of roaring noise that will highly please metal fans, who are looking to quickly let out some bottled-up steam. This is a song that will annoy the neighbors, but is a track you need to hear rather loud.

Stream this new track via Spotify and check out their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Going Up: Tampa rapper Matt Chibbs flows with so much style on ‘Space Isle’

With his newspaper ready to be consumed by a man on a mission upwards, Matt Chibbs shows us into his unique world with the new galaxy-gazing single called ‘Space Isle‘.

Matt Chibbs is a thoughtful Tampa, Florida-based solo indie hip-hop artist and music producer, who creates that totally original music that is like no other rapper in the world.

This is the story about doing what you gotta do, no matter what anyone else’s vibe is about as you are only looking to gain knowledge in this wild world. His raps are hard to hear at first — as then you dive in head first — appreciating his skillful bars that shows you total authenticity.

You feel his enthralling flow wash over your mind smartly, as he takes us for a ride like only he can. The busty beat is super complex and makes you nod your head rhythmically, as it completely suits his style and has you smiling from ear to ear.

Space Isle’ from Tampa, Florida musician/producer Matt Chibbs, beams us up to the bright lights beyond what our mind can comprehend. He has a striking style of rapping that has you bouncing along and appreciating his cleverly meshed style. Being yourself in this copycat world, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding That Sweet Spot: Dani Twice searches within for true peace on ‘Pixel Beach’

With an ever-increasing fire burning warmly in his motivated belly after seeing how music changed his life to open the gushing tap of knowledge, Dani Twice returns eagerly with the supremely cinematic new single ‘Pixel Beach‘.

Dani Twice is a creative Colombian-American, singer-songwriter, music producer, and 3D artist from sunny Tampa in Florida. He lights up your mind to fuse that electrically charged music that feeds his growing hunger to never go back to the life that he was once exposed to when young. As a family he ensured much moving and hustling to stay alive, to become someone that is striding forward with purpose each day.

He sings with so much perspective, the lyrics are real and from much thought and carefully crafted penmanship, his confidence is growing and within, his mind is stronger and with so much creativity to come.

Pixel Beach‘ from Tampa-based Dani Twice, is a story of the imagination, as his mind wonders in and out of reality to help to define who he really wants to be in life. The past haunts him sometimes but through his love from his chosen art-form, he has built up his armor to be stronger than ever before.

Stream this brand new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pushing positive energy to the universe: ‘Better Believe It’ from Ether is a song about backing yourself

Fort Myers, Florida based emcee Ether brings us a Hip Hop track all about knowing that the time to shine is now, not later. His smooth flow flourishes on a mellow beat that hits the spot just right. The is a musician that speaks on positive vibes and is not a fan of that corny rap beef that often overshadows the genre that loses way too many lives; for reasons that are very petty and could be avoided.

He is on a mission to get that bread so he can feed his family and the hunger steams so deliciously into our souls. With excellent visuals on the music video, we are brought into a world of a creative on the rise.

There is energy of warmth here that looms large like a sunny day after a massive thunderstorm. His lyrical prowess is something to behold as he keeps things clear and simple. This is his time to shine so he can empower his community.

Florida emcee Ether shows his awareness with what he needs to do in life and isn’t concerned with anyone else besides those close to him. With a quality lyrical ability that is showcased vividly on ‘Better Believe It’. A song that promotes togetherness and teaching the youth on how it should done, this is the guiding light that the Hip Hop community needs at the moment. Backed with his self-confidence and willing to put in the hard work to make the journey successful; this is a combination that is tough to dislike.

Hear the audio here on his Spotify, see the video on YouTube and follow the message on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give 2 The People (G2P) – The Sound: Playfully Grungy Funk Metal

Playful vocals, rampant guitar riffs & tasteful wah-wah solos, a stagger drumming section & a protagonist bass guitar – the elements that more or less make up G2P sound.

G2P is a three-piece act from Tampa, Florida and you can bet that the sound they’re bringing is as sunny as their homeland. “The Sound” is a snappy funk-metal song that is bound to delight listeners that are into RCHP, Primus & Faith No More (obviously). The drumming is vigorous yet concrete; the electric guitar’s sound is palatable and brings the heat with the song’s main riff. The bass is all-around slashing and serves as the main groove provider. Regardless, I think it is the vocals that take the cake. The listener who is either way into this sound will easily perceive an immediate influence from Mike Patton – which let’s be clear, 99 out of 100 times is nothing less than complementary to a musician.

You ought to let G2P funk you up; check out “The Sound” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis