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Tiny Camels have got the minuscule hump in their sophomore release, One of Those Days

Determined to reinvent Britpop for the 21st-century airwaves, the Cardiff-hailing outfit, Tiny Camels, made melodious headway with their sophomore single, One of Those Days.

By abstracting the laddish swagger that became as synonymous with 90s Britpop as bucket hats with a sweeter vocal register that defies gravity with its interstellar soaring hues around the eternal sunshine in the indie pop guitars that wrap around the kaleidoscopic atmospherics, Tiny Camels delivered euphoria without the hits of ecstasy.

With indie rock hooks as sharp as the ones crafted by the Vaccines when they semi-permanently implanted Post Break-Up Sex in our mind for the entire duration of 2011 around the jangled and angular elements of new wave indie that creates a romantically effervescent sphere of the soundscape, One of Those Days lies on a plateau above the rest of the 2023 indie landfill.

One of Those Days hit the airwaves on September 22; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Growing Boi made a malady of sentimentality in his psychedelically experimental single, Overflow

After years of success as a touring artist, session musician, songwriter and producer, Chris Matthews obliterated the notion of genre with his exploratively alternative single, Overflow, under the moniker Growing Boi. The artfully melancholic track makes a malady out of sentimentality while exhibiting the same instrumental alchemy and ingenuity as the Legendary Pink Dots and the vocal gravitas of Leonard Cohen.

The spacey amalgam of psych, folk, electronica, trip-hop and 70s pop is devilishly clever, but never to the detriment of the accessibility of the intimately bold score that will stay with you for long after the complex chords have faded into silent obscurity. From honkytonk piano keys to motifs you’d expect to hear in a Tame Impala production, Overflow is a treasure trove of artful beguile that allows you to drift to a higher plateau.

Overflow will drop on February 24th; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Float with the tropic flotsam in Agaaze’s open psychedelic love letter ‘Cinnamon Paradise’

Rochester, NY multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, Agaaze reached the pinnacle of sonically sugared electronic dream pop with his latest single, Cinnamon Paradise.

With tropic pop textures adding temperate soul by the smorgasbord, the dreamy release envelopes you with the pure pining emotion which inspired the love letter to his crush. For six sweet minutes, the breakthrough artist takes you on a psychedelic trip through his innocent affection while the genre-fluid instrumentals break the monocultural mould.

Currently attending the University of Michigan, Agaaze built the foundations for his music career at age six while learning classical guitar. In the coming years, he experimented with jazz guitar, trumpet and South Indian Carnatic vocal lessons, winning classical and jazz guitar awards along the way, in addition to performing at the Rochester Jazz Festival and playing classical guitar on WXXI radio in 2019.

In 2020, Agaaze started to compose his own music, inspired by an eclectic array of artists, including Tame Impala, Tyler, the Creator and Pink Floyd. His debut EP, A Portal Inside, arrived in December 2021.

Cinnamon Paradise is now available to stream on Spotify, along with the sophomore single, For You, which dropped on December 30th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kablamo traverses the otherworldly in their post-punk-y indie release, Unnatural

Kablamo self-proclaims their debut self-titled EP to be personal, genuine and, at times, indulgent; I can fully attest to the indulgence being universal once you slip into the seminal single, Unnatural.

Unnatural unravels through dreamy guitar melodies, glassy synths and ragged post-punk basslines beneath the dream pop vocals which mellifluously breeze through the sentimentally heartfelt release, which all too readily imparts the emotion. An evocative response to the kaleidoscopic colour of Unnatural is non-optional.

Any fans of Deerhunter, Beach House, Tame Impala and Wild Nothing will undoubtedly want to sink their teeth into this paradoxically ambiently striking release.

The debut self-titled EP hit the airwaves on September 9th. You can hear it for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mawi feels like this is finally the end after so many lies on The Morning After

From feeling the love to then sensing that his name was being slighted behind his back by someone who he truly cared for before, Mawi shows us that the end should have happened ages ago via his emotional new release, The Morning After.

Mawi aka Dagmawi Zemedkun Fasil is a USA-based alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter who performs with a vocal edge that might have your whole body shuddering in anticipation.

Combines Tame Impala production with Weeknd style vocals to create a somber, melodic depiction of realizing a relationship is over far too late.” ~ Mawi

Vocally pure with bone-shaking lyrics that bring you instantaneously into this cinematic story which so many of us will surely have experienced, Mawi shakes our shattered core apart with a superb performance that shall make your ears float into utter disbelief.

Building his presence on SoundCloud through an EP and a multitude of singles, Mawi has garnered a strong fanbase, allowing him to perform across the US ranging from small concert bars to college music festivals.” ~ Mawi

The Morning After from USA-based alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter Mawi is a striking song that has been made by a scorned former lover. After trying to untie a knot that was so far gone that a professional scout couldn’t unravel, he shows us acutely into his current mindset, that is saddened by this moment that he has dreaded for too long. Performed with a heightened velocity, this is a track for anyone who has felt so unfairly used and left for dead in an unwelcoming world.

Sometimes you just need to close the door, to open up a happier one.

Turn up this honest gem on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bedford-based neo-psychedelic artist Luna Waves stuns our senses awake with ‘Sunny Side Down’

Taken off the momentum-shifting illumination of the 16-track sophomore album ‘Blood Mood‘, Luna Waves transmits us a welcome injection of neo-psychedelic awesomeness to truly be uplifted by as we find our sleepy smiles again on ‘Sunny Side Down‘.

Luna Waves is the solo dreamy-rock project of Bedford, UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Muir.

Inspired by artists like Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, Kurt Vile, Beach House, Gemma Hayes, Jeff Buckley, Sunflower Bean and Radiohead.” ~ Luna Waves

Calming our over-stimulated hearts as the anxiousness threatens to take us into a shady place that we shouldn’t have ever been exposed to, Luna Waves crashes calmly like a breezy summer day at the ocean with a simply excellent track that is dreamy in nature and will have you glowing gloriously.

Sunny Side Down‘ from the Bedford, UK-based rock artist Luna Waves, is a track brimming with some awe-inspiring spacey instrumentals and lusciously smooth loops, that gets your mind into a better state of affairs and away from the previous darkness that consumed us for so long. There is much to ponder here as you find yourself closing your eyes and taking this quality in, with an ever-evolving artist who has moved away from the traditional and is setting a new level of polish for us to soak readily into.

Listen up to this flow-to-the-day single on Spotify and see more mellow vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Antler’s ‘White Cliffs’ – Chilled-out, mellow dream-pop.

Opening with some beautiful minor chord piano, ‘White Cliffs’ – the debut single by Belgians Antler – is a chilled, mellow little alt-rock track ballad, all gently swelling guitar chords, piano parts, and mature, focussed vocals courtesy of frontman Dean Vandeplassche. There’s a definite indie feel to this, that sort of dreamy, psychedelic Tame Impala feel; think Beach House, Yumi Zouma, or Still Corners, that dream-pop vibe reminiscent of Nicholas Allbrook, Cameron Avery, or Noir Disco, with some Barbagallo-style vocals. It’s that kind of relaxed, melodious, and easy-going thing; calming, sweet-sounding, and well-rounded, and for a first single it bodes very, very well for Antler’s future.

You can hear ‘White Cliffs’ on Spotify now; follow Antler on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Josh Sky have us in a ‘Love Daze’ with their latest indie soul pop single

Under the influence of Frank Ocean, Boy Pablo, and Tame Impala, up and coming indie three-piece, Josh Sky orchestrated their own melodiously romantic signature sound that is just as prestigious.

Their latest single, ‘Love Daze’, is the perfect introduction to their genre-melding nostalgic sound. The mellow grooves make sure that your attention never falters from the affable sincerity as it drips from the vocals while they capture the anxiety and adrenaline which manifest when you start to feel rifts widen in a relationship.

Love Days is as stunning as it is smooth. If any up and coming artist has what it takes to ascend from the underground in 2021, it’s Josh Sky.

Love Daze is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London’s The Curious fly sky high with daydreaming single about love: ‘’Always Want More’’

Even if you go, even if you know, I always want more. Wanting more from those special moments is always a tempting notion. It’s always tough to accept that you should enjoy what you get and nothing more. 

‘The Curious’ are a 4 Piece ALT Indie band from London on the rise with their positive lyrics and terrifically produced music- this is a professional outfit. 

You can see the band are influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Marr, Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys and more. Their music is pure and likeable. Known for 2017’s breakout hit ‘’City Lights’’, the band are in top form here.

‘’Always Want More’’ is the follow up to March 2020’s fiery ‘’My Only’’- a song that gained some good traction in the UK. Let’s see how the band develops and they must be hungry to be on stage again, let it rip and show everyone what they are made out of.

Immerse yourself in more of ‘The Curious’ on their YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od are back with deeply beautiful ‘’Track 10’’ that pulls on all heart strings

Love reaches all of us. Brighton boys ‘8udDha bl0od’ show their gentle side with the new single ‘’Track 10’’.

I feel the lyrics on this one as the pain of love is sometimes hard to deal with. It’s tough to understand and we do need to deal with it eventually to fully heal, to get the feeling out of us in order to move on. This song is clearly very personal and is best listened to with the volume up very loud- so that each part of the song is truly appreciated for its execution.

Locked away in a countryside cabin for nine months shortly after forming as a band to develop a sound that the band wanted, ‘8udDha bl0od’ are now one of my favorite artists. Influenced by well-known favourites such as Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tame Impala, this is a group that puts out incredible music with soul & meaning.

Stream this song and more from the bands SoundCloud page and support this talented act.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen