Bedford-based neo-psychedelic artist Luna Waves stuns our senses awake with ‘Sunny Side Down’

Taken off the momentum-shifting illumination of the 16-track sophomore album ‘Blood Mood‘, Luna Waves transmits us a welcome injection of neo-psychedelic awesomeness to truly be uplifted by as we find our sleepy smiles again on ‘Sunny Side Down‘.

Luna Waves is the solo dreamy-rock project of Bedford, UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Muir.

Inspired by artists like Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, Kurt Vile, Beach House, Gemma Hayes, Jeff Buckley, Sunflower Bean and Radiohead.” ~ Luna Waves

Calming our over-stimulated hearts as the anxiousness threatens to take us into a shady place that we shouldn’t have ever been exposed to, Luna Waves crashes calmly like a breezy summer day at the ocean with a simply excellent track that is dreamy in nature and will have you glowing gloriously.

Sunny Side Down‘ from the Bedford, UK-based rock artist Luna Waves, is a track brimming with some awe-inspiring spacey instrumentals and lusciously smooth loops, that gets your mind into a better state of affairs and away from the previous darkness that consumed us for so long. There is much to ponder here as you find yourself closing your eyes and taking this quality in, with an ever-evolving artist who has moved away from the traditional and is setting a new level of polish for us to soak readily into.

Listen up to this flow-to-the-day single on Spotify and see more mellow vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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