Mawi feels like this is finally the end after so many lies on The Morning After

From feeling the love to then sensing that his name was being slighted behind his back by someone who he truly cared for before, Mawi shows us that the end should have happened ages ago via his emotional new release, The Morning After.

Mawi aka Dagmawi Zemedkun Fasil is a USA-based alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter who performs with a vocal edge that might have your whole body shuddering in anticipation.

Combines Tame Impala production with Weeknd style vocals to create a somber, melodic depiction of realizing a relationship is over far too late.” ~ Mawi

Vocally pure with bone-shaking lyrics that bring you instantaneously into this cinematic story which so many of us will surely have experienced, Mawi shakes our shattered core apart with a superb performance that shall make your ears float into utter disbelief.

Building his presence on SoundCloud through an EP and a multitude of singles, Mawi has garnered a strong fanbase, allowing him to perform across the US ranging from small concert bars to college music festivals.” ~ Mawi

The Morning After from USA-based alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter Mawi is a striking song that has been made by a scorned former lover. After trying to untie a knot that was so far gone that a professional scout couldn’t unravel, he shows us acutely into his current mindset, that is saddened by this moment that he has dreaded for too long. Performed with a heightened velocity, this is a track for anyone who has felt so unfairly used and left for dead in an unwelcoming world.

Sometimes you just need to close the door, to open up a happier one.

Turn up this honest gem on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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