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MARK’s ‘Lost Perspective’ explores five unique love stories expressed in five different ways.

There is nothing that screams summer like a good hook and a crisp beat. On “Glassheart”, MARK set out to showcase his vocal skills and his great approach to songwriting, with a song that feels catchy and creative. The tune has strong ties with modern EDM, with awesome side-chained synth bursts, deep beats, and punchy melodies.

I particularly love the edgy pitch-shifting effects, adding something unique to the textures of this driven track.
The lyrics to the song are romantic and introspective, yet MARK is able to truly bring some energy to the table. This is one of the tracks that begs to be listened to at loud volumes.

His vocal skills are truly spot on, not only because of his ability to reach a broad dynamic range with his lead vocals but also because of how he can complement his main vocal hooks with some truly great harmonies with an open feel.


A&R Factory Present: Jay Pray

Today Connecticut’s Jay Pray reveals the gripping, moody, lovelorn official video for fan favorite I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything), which premiered with Northern Transmissions. The Wild Honey Pie also debuted the full album stream earlier this week, offering fans an early glimpse into Jay Pray’s repertoire.  

Justin Romanos learned how to make music growing up in rural Connecticut, both by playing and by recording in his own makeshift home studio. During college at Drexel University’s Music Industry Program, he found a home with like­minded peers, and gained the nickname, “J Pré.” He honed his craft by continuously writing, and spent much of his time in the close ­knit Philadelphia basement community, where he fronted the indie rock band SHMNS. After graduating college in 2014, he moved back to Woodbury, CT to regroup, refocus, and reinvent himself as a musician. He spent the last two years writing and recording songs for this album as well as many, many others that may never see the light of day.
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A&R Factory Present: Joy Downer

Joy Downer is the new project from Joy Bishop and Jeff Downer, a married duo out of  Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by duality; themes of light and dark, man and woman, mind and matter collide to set the backdrop of the sound.

Their danceable debut single, “Caught In Your Spell,” is a jangle pop love song  that opens with a shimmery, dreamwave synth and is anchored by buoyant drums and groovy rhythms. All the while Bishop’s saccharine voice sings a story of obsessive intentions ending with triumphant blasts of trumpet.  

“Have you ever met someone that made you dance the fine line of being a stalker and letting that person know you’re interested?,” says Bishop about ‘Caught In Your Spell.’

The song is off their debut EP, Radio Dreamer, which was recorded and produced by Rob Kolar (of He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and KOLARS) at his home studio in Echo Park.

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A&R Factory Present: The Sunset Kids

The Sunset Kids are a unique Canadian Electro Folk/Dream pop music duo created in early 2013 by Josh Palmer (Guitar, Synths, Vocals) and Ally-V (Synths, Vocals). . Beyond providing energetic performances throughout the country, they share their enthusiasm and passion for music and film. Nominated for best Independent Music Video at the 2016 HMMA’s ( Hollywood Music in Media Awards). Their merits as artists also extend internationally, all their main official videos have been produced in California in collaboration with videographers and other crew members from the TV series Breaking Bad.

Ally V , grew in post Soviet /post Berlin wall Siberia, with no money and political unrest for years. She later immigrated to Saskatchewan Canada and her cinematic eye and musical ears were inspired by her journey to Canada. Her other worldly experiences bring a uniqueness to the Sunset Kids music and videos that’s all their own. The Kids make exciting Electro Folk music and also Cinematic music videos  and short films. For their live show they combine this cinematic eye for a multimedia experience with video projection.

The Sunset Kids have become well known for implementing visual art during their performances.  This comes in the form of original videos that capture the attention of their audience by mimicking the essence and mood of their music. To date, The Sunset Kids have played nearly 100 shows, including local, national, and international venues. The Sunset kids are heavily influenced by the New-Wave and Synthesized Sounds of the 80’s and folk pop of today. Their music represents a blend of many genres, from folk to synth electronic and indie.

Other than the most recent Music Video Nomination, one of their exciting milestone was the release of their first EP Seventh Sky on March 23, 2014 in front of a Los Angeles audience at the famous and Historic, House of Blues HOB on Sunset BLVD. Thanks to the overwhelming crowd response.  In fact one of the last performances their before the legendary club closed down.

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A&R Factory Present: Social Skills

Meet Social Skills, the three-piece collective whose majestic sound will transport listeners into a world of 70’s synths, and kaleidoscopic guitar riffs. Made up of Chopper on keyboard, Moshik on drums, and Scuta on guitar and vocals, Social Skills exude talent, authenticity, and maturation. Hailing from North London, the band came together through a shared love of antiqued studio equipment and vintage synths.

“Hyperactive” is a wobbly robotic pop infection. With a hook that keeps drilling it’s way in to your brain, it’s is an unashamed dance-off with a big smile.

The lyrics tell us we’re all the same – we’ve all got energy and we should use it to have fun singing “Da DA Da DA”. Does everything have to mean something? Sometimes it’s better not to deconstruct everything or it will all unravel. Can’t we just make be pop music that makes hearts race rather than taking everything so seriously? It’s our feel-good antidote to the world around us.


A&R Fctory Present: Zagata

Zagata is making its debut with the release of its first music video for the single “Kill Me One More Time,” which walks the line between the past and the present. This song will be featured on the EP Backseat which will be released on October 25.

With its synth wave tones, the video takes on a 1980s aesthetic, with all the footage having been filmed in VHS format (Video 8). Despite the nostalgic undercurrents, the context of the video is very actual and will undoubtedly touch the heart of any music lover

Zagata’s project (voice, guitar, keyboard) is supported by a team of leading collaborators, which includes Jean-Nicolas Leupi (known for his work with Le Matos (coproduction, cowriting, synthesizers, drum machine) and for his work on the Turbo Kid soundtrack, John Nathaniel (coproduction, cowriting, mixing, drum machine), and the notable Tom Coyne (Adèle, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd) from the Sterling Studio in New York (Mastering). The album is fully anchored in the present time.

Zagata is Jesse Proteau’s solo project. With Zagata, he is bringing together his unbridled love for new wave, synth wave and cinematography and hearkening back to a time where synthesizers and drum machines dominated the music scene.

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