Leave It Behind: Keelan X is ready to embrace himself again on The Other Side

After using this abominable pandemic to rediscover his love for music again, Keelan X got those synths and drum machines striding rather sweetly together on the fine new single to play on loud, The Other Side.

Keelan X is an Ireland/London, UK-based indie synth-pop singer-songwriter who is inspired by those David Bowie-like classics to warm the heart with.

The song has its origins in one of those 3 o’clock in the morning conversations I have with myself. Thoughts bubbling up from the unconscious, nudging at me. The song is essentially about me tentatively embracing my “other side” and dipping my toe back into musical waters – writing and recording music again. I think most people have some other side to themselves that they draw a veil over, another side we bury or let slip as life progresses. That part of you is always whispering in your ear and tapping you on your shoulder, waiting for you on the other side.” ~ Keelan X

Formulated so well and constructed with tailored class, Keelan X returns to great heights and shall improve the mindset of so many lost souls. Feeling that fire again after going deep within to find his purpose, we find a newly reinvigorated spirit to shine brightly with.

The Other Side from Ireland/London, UK-based indie synth-pop artist Keelan X is a rather striking effort for anyone who knows where their love is. Unlocking so much effortless charm and vocals to marvel at like it was the 80s again, this is a top song to be inspired by when the appetite is still there for more.

If you are hungry enough, anything is possible.

See this fab new music video on YouTube and see more energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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