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Skillfully original Dublin-based Swedish creative Skull The Pierre opens up the BEBEYX3 on insightfully enjoyable interview

Showing more creativity in his left pinky finger than most of us will ever feel in our whole lives, Skull The Pierre took time out from getting some rays and baking scrumptious banana bread to lead us into his new much-anticipated release BEBEYX3. Fresh from cooking up a treat with the wine-filled cherry tree nibbling LABUM, the massively inventive Irish-based Stockholm-born artist tells us all with one of the best interviews we’ve done all year. Get those glasses on and let’s roll.

Llewelyn: Skull The Pierre, how in the world are you? Firstly, welcome to A&R Factory and our virtual couch. Would you like a beverage and what can we get you? Firstly, how did you get your artist name? It’s a fantastic musician’s name.

Skull The Pierre: Hello Llewelyn! I’m feeling fantastic thank you and I’m honored to be here for this virtual chat! I’m good for a beverage for now thank you, friend. Ah my artist name, it all started with me balding back in secondary school. My friend started calling me Skalle Pierre (Pierre being my real name) which is a pun on the fictional character Skalle Pär from Astrid Lindgrens ‘Ronja, the Robbers Daugher’. Skalle is Swedish for skull, but it’s also a balding reference, hence why my friend thought it was hilarious. To be honest, so did I and so I made it into my artists name. A couple of years later I decided to give a more international flare and made it Skull The Pierre!

Llewelyn: Alrighty. Where do you live on planet Earth? I’m currently in SW London and it’s supposed to be summer but it’s raining. Why do you stay where you do…what makes it special for you to reside in?

Skull The Pierre: Llewelyn my fellow earthling, I’m not too far away from you, I’ve been residing in Dublin since 2020! I moved here from Stockholm to study music at BIMM Dublin which I am still doing, and I’m absolutely loving it. Not only do I love my college and course but I’m totally in love with the beautiful people of Ireland, and the intimacy of Dublin. The Irish, are -in my experience- so well versed in the fine art of welcoming and embracing the new and different, and they greet strangers with ease and compassion. There’s also excitement and enthusiasm in the Dublin music scene that can’t really be described, only felt. The hard-working and incredibly talented youths of the city only leave space for love and understanding, and the city is small enough that if you want to be a part of it then all you have to do is come along. But hahaha yes it’s like only raining here at the minute as well!

Llewelyn: Ok, let’s chat about music. BEBEYX3, hip-hop and LGBTQ. How do all 3 mix and what was the inspiration behind the new release? LABUM is doing quite well it appears so we’re biting our lips here in anticipation. Also, there’s a music video? Even more excitement! Please…the floor is yours.

Skull The Pierre: Thank you for the great question! How does BEBEYX3, hip-hop and LGBTQ mix… hmm…effortlessly, I’d hope and say! That’s not intended as a braggadocious statement by the way, I love the fact that I’m a gay rapper but I and my life is so much more than that! Ultimately, all my creations are a part of my lifelong task of documenting my life, a life I believe to be well lived, and so I write about it, which embodies all aspects of me. That includes my love and desire for men, but not more or less than any other part of me. I am everything! Besides, things are way cooler when they’re more like easter-eggs anyway.

I can’t remember an exact song or artist that inspired me to make ‘BEBEYX3‘ to be honest, a lot of times the process of making the beat is what inspires the theme, lyrics and the feel of my songs. I can confidently say though that the weather’s hint of summer and career milestones achieved at the time inspired the song. And yes there’s a music video to go with it and it’s gorgeous, if I may say so myself! It was shot by my very talented friend Joe Kelly and together we made something I’m very proud of, it’s definitely my prettiest music video to date!

Ah thank you LABUM and the world I created around it is without a doubt my craziest project to date and my friends and fans have been incredibly kind to it and me.

Llewelyn: Sounds From The Secret Orchard Sessions. These sound like a dream! What’s the energy field here and were you illuminated by being involved?

Skull The Pierre: That was my first ever real interview and to be honest with you, I was giddy beyond belief, and it shows. It was completely a dream come true, and getting to be there with such talented acts, crews, event coordinators, managers etc was such an incredible experience. I might even have something exciting with the SFSOS family in September!

Llewelyn: Music production. Some think it’s easy and some think it’s hard. What’s it really like and what tips would you give youngsters who are keen but aren’t sure about it all?

Skull The Pierre: What a lovely question! I think it can be both but if you don’t find it to be that much fun, then it will definitely be more hard than easy. If I was in a position to give advice, then I would say start with the very basics of what it is you want your DAW to do for you. If you make beats learn how to sample, if you write indie-pop songs on guitar learn how to record guitar and vocals. All the fancy plugins and mixing tips and effects will follow as you grow, learn, and explore. Getting the basics right is all you need, and I think that’s true for most things. Also, give it time, don’t be a perfectionist and love yourself.

Llewelyn: How was the launch party at Crow Bar in Dublin? It looks like we missed out on a big party! Were you happy with the response and the overall vibe from the night?

Skull The Pierre: I think I only understood in retrospect how much it actually meant to me that so many friends and friendly faces were there, and that they were there for me, for something I created. It is still hard to grasp to be honest. It was beautiful, a night I’ll always remember and cherish, and most importantly, it was so much fun. To all the people that came, to everyone that bought merch, posters, books, to everyone that helped on the night, to the bartenders, just to everyone there, thank you, ya’ll are crazy and I love you.

Llewelyn: Lastly…and once again thank you for blessing us with your time today.. who inspires you most in the world and who do you look up to? Who is your team and what advice would you give yourself 5 years ago if you could zip back in a time machine quickly?

Skull The Pierre: Oh thank you for all the wonderful questions! You know, I wholeheartedly believe that I am the luckiest man alive, and that’s almost solely because of my outstanding friends and family that have inspired me every day of my life with their wit and humor, love and compassion, wisdom and foolishness, sensitivity and anger and everything in between. The one that inspires me most in the world though is most likely my grandma Lena. She is an author and writes mostly children’s-books, and her childlike, optimistic, and playful interpretation of the world is probably the greatest gift of all. She also gave me my armor in solitude, my love of writing. Wax (rapper), is my musical idol though, and the one that made me want to make music when I was 14.

My team consists of myself, my manager and friend Josse, my DJ and friend Alvaro, my cameraman and friend Joe, and all my other friends I have the privilege of sharing this life with. Five years ago I’d tell myself to come out of the closet already hahaha!

Check the video out on YouTube.

Feel more of the genuine vibes wash the pain away on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Born To Fail: Ghost Nation drops mental health inspired single Help Me

Known best for their unprecedented fusion of modern alternative rock, dark pop, electronic rock, rebel blues and boss beat, Ghost Nation intertwine through a Katrineholm and Stockholm moulded gem of a single called Help Me.

Ghost Nation is a Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo who are an experienced team that lathers our attention with extremely well-constructed anthems.

We are thrilled to share this new music with our fans,” says Micke Berg. “It’s a very personal and meaningful song for us and we hope it resonates with listeners and encourages them to open up about their own struggles.” ~ Ghost Nation

Soaring with much radiant honesty and so much to learn from, Ghost Nation display such bravery in this engaged song which is wrapped with real meaning. Searching for the light deep in that lonely forest, we find a supremely dark song to help unlock all the previous trauma.

Help Me from the Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is a rather terrific single all about asking for help when you need it most. Sung with sterling precision and much to be illuminated by, this is a rather lyrically aware song for anyone who needs to know that friends are there to help if needed.

When you feel like you’re sinking, it’s time to get some backup before it’s too late.

Listen up on YouTube. See more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sorry For The Pain: Sensational Swedish angelic wonder Sofia Ilektra feels like the Lucky Charm

Sung with so much delightful grace and illuminating beauty, Sofia Ilektra rockets our tired souls into a whole new world of intrigue with her mesmerizing new single called Lucky Charm.

Sofia Ilektra is an experimental Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter, poet and creative director who is one of those rare artists who takes breaths away to be rejuvenated.

She’s often exploring introspective topics whilst blending playful, rhythmic vocals with soothing, ethereal tones.” ~ taken from Sofia’s Spotify page

Showing us how a self-enlightened essence can flip moods around with beautiful melodies, Sofia Ilektra is a tremendously luminous anthem for anyone who needs to be reminded that mindset is everything. Easing our apprehensions into calmer waters, we find a lifeguard-like song to rescue all of our concerns away with calming confidence to savour.

Lucky Charm from the enticing Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Sofia Ilektra is a supremely stunning soundtrack to get enthusiastic about as it’s pure and sweet on the palate. This exceptionally genuine spirit has reminded us that music is there to be cherished if made with love. Just like life should be right?

Soothe your ears on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shades On: LAKRITS feels like he is floating on air with the Hot Boy Summer

Cueing up his next theme song with his rather stylish ways, LAKRITS feels like the sun is heating his imagination up beyond what was possible before on Hot Boy Summer.

LAKRITS aka Alain Gholmi is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, Copenhagen, Denmark-born indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter and model who is known as one of the most charismatic figures around.

LAKRITS adopts a larger-than-life personality, delivering even larger hooks that encourage listeners to have a good time no matter who tries to stop them.” ~ LAKRITS

Impressing with a fantastic new single that will have you lathering that sunblock all over your body, LAKRITS is feeling hot and wants the world to know about it. Letting the steam in is the mission here, from an artist who is only interested in having the best time imaginable.

Hot Boy Summer from Stockholm, Sweden-based indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter/model LAKRITS is a hot new release about keeping your shine burning bright. He’s in love with this moment as the stars seem perfectly in line to where he is headed. Flying rather high and taking the rest of us with on this important mission, as we are swept into a movie-like dream of a single you’re hardly likely to forget quickly.

Listen up this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep On: Sensational Swedish band Ghost Nation can feel that immortal power rising on ‘Forevermore’

After their incredibly important mental health message from April 2021 called ‘Black Dogs’, Ghost Nation whistles their way into our hearts with the instant classic that has you feeling like anything is possible if you have that vital support on ‘Forevermore‘.

Ghost Nation is a Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo who met by chance at a local gig and clicked instantly, which certainly shows in their electrifying music.

This time it is a conversation between the past, the present and the future. And the last words in the end of the song are chanting “We are forevermore” frantically, as if it would give the words life.” ~ Ghost Nation

Causing our speakers to boom and our souls to go vroom, Ghost Nation rocket into our lives with a simply brilliant new single that shall probably cause some unexpected heart palpitations.

Forevermore is also a song that pays homage to the guitar solo. For this song, Ghost Nation has invited guitarist Christian Lund, who together with the band explores new musical territories.” ~ Ghost Nation

Forevermore‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is an action packed track that deserves to be in the next Fast & Furious movie. There is a real elevation here from their previous releases, which shows their outstanding progression to being one of the most lively bands on the planet.

Underground for now, but packed with world class quality, that will stun you like you have just seen the love of your life for the first time.

Hear this thrilling single on Spotify and see their movements further on the website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ANNA VEE shows us vividly inside her dreams while riding that ‘Yellow Cadillac’

With a real insight into her mentality right now as she looks for the life that no one can take away from her, ANNA VEE blends in some loveable satire to keep us all guessing what her actual goals are with ‘Yellow Cadillac‘.

ANNA VEE is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, Ukranian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter who keeps things natural with a stunning array of fresh vocals and smartly written lyrics.

Together with the EP ANNA VEE is releasing The World’s First Unique Music Royalty NFT Collection where the NFT holders share 50% of the revenue generated from the EP.” ~ ANNA VEE

With her intelligent mindset, delightful singing ability, NFT foresight and a winning attitude, ANNA VEE might be one of the most promising pop musicians on the planet right now. She keeps things simple and gets our heads nodding to her superb style that might force a welcome smile after many months wrapped inside frigid frowns.

Yellow Cadillac‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based, Ukranian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter ANNA VEE is a catchy track for anyone who wants to get away from the tribulations of this rough world. She sings with a tranquil energy that will probably get you clicking your fingers and imagining living in one of those massive mansions where celebs spend their lives hidden inside. Featuring her silky vocals that will light up your mood, this is a single to play loud when you just want to forget your stresses and see a rising artist at her best.

See this classy music video on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Green Suburban senses from deep within that the time for a cleansing resurrection is now as he calls for ‘Rain Down’

As he gazes up and prays for that all-important water to wash away all of our sins and stop these pointless wars, Green Suburban asks for action to happen from above before it’s all in vain with, ‘Rain Down‘.

Green Suburban is a Stockholm, Sweden-based indie-rock project that has been carefully created by the local underground singer-songwriter, Isak Skoglund.

After spending most of his teenage years playing the guitar for other artists and also being a guitarist in the psychedelic rock band Blakk Fungus, Green Suburban is Isak’s outlet of exploring creativity in his own songwriting.” ~ Green Suburban

Bringing us a comforting blend of inspiring melodies that has your abdomen feeling a bit warmer than before, Green Suburban has helped us believe again and with such peaceful vocals to enjoy, this is a single that has clearly been made with unpretentious vibrancy we can all support.

Rain Down‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based indie-rock artist Green Suburban shows us a world that is clean and away from any bad energy that can sap its inhabitants of that much-needed strength. With hope fading away quicker than a beautiful sunset, this is that shining glimmer of believing that everything happens for a reason and that things will get better soon. They have to right?

Life can veer you off the tracks but if you never give up, you will surely find your way despite the wild adventure to get there.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Said I’m Sorry: Exceptional Swedish singer Matilda wishes they would come home on the outstanding ‘Love and Lust’

Releasing a much-awaited track that was made three years ago in LA, Matilda is quite delightfully gorgeous on a striking single which will have you dancing along with the ‘Love and Lust‘.

Matilda Jonsson aka Matilda, is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, indie Pop singer-songwriter and former Berklee College of Music student who was based in Los Angeles, California.

This is such a stunning single from a sugar-tipped vocalist who seems to sing with so much beautiful freedom, as she tells us the relatable story about a romantic time that was so bright but has since faded. Disappointing things happened to end the love and there is so much regret-filled emotions, that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to a highly reflective state of mind.

Love and Lust‘ from the scintillating Swedish sensation Matilda, is such a glorious effort from a truly talented artist who feels like she has had some rather bad luck in this music industry. You feel the passionate embrace in her breath-filled lungs as he urges her former lover to come back to make things right, as the splendid beat takes you to a place you remember so intently. The difference between love and lust really is night and day, however sometimes you only realize this when its all over.

Hear this lovely new creation on Spotify and see her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Much Love: Stockholm’s The Mermaids desire that all-night vibe with ‘Miami Lucid’

After the huge underground success of their sensual debut single ‘L’auntre‘, The Mermaids return stylishly with their dazzle-the-eyes new single called ‘Miami Lucid‘.

The Mermaids is a classy Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They marvelously mix in RnB and Hip-Hop treats for us to nourish hungrily on, to sensationally bring our whole body to be in tune with their excellently crafted vibration.

It’s dark and it’s shimmery, and it will wash you ashore right where you belong – in the warm place that exists right outside of everything in your life that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be an accountant you know. You can be whatever you want.” ~ The Mermaids

Miami Lucid‘ from the fast-rising Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop act The Mermaids, is a synthwave-dream that will want you to chase that feeling that you ultimately desire. The night is still young and you have seen the apple to your eye that you want to be delicious with, as you bad-boy your way to feeling alight. Made with a party atmosphere that will seduce your thoughts to find someone actually worthwhile to be with until the sun rises – this is a fine effort from a tremendous outfit – who are on a mission for that world domination.

Stream this top new track on Spotify.

See more news via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Am Who I Wanna Be: Sublime Swedish singer-songwriter Elviise is simply sensational on ‘Lucid Dream’

After dazzling us with the beautifully classy ‘Whispers In The Night‘, Elviise took time to meditate deeply and realized that she was indeed headed in the right direction even though it felt like she was going backwards, on her exquisitely heavenly creation that is her third single called ‘Lucid Dream‘.

Elvira Johansson aka Elviise, is a highly inspiring indie pop/rock artist who is based in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. She make dreamy music that is so soothingly meaningful, as her honest message takes you to a place which is so relevant, and helps you to believe in yourself again.

The lyrics tell the story how Elviise reality felt like a dream and for a long time, she didn’t know how to wake up from it. All the lies, the people who stabbed her back, the ones that left her to fight the battle alone. The process to keep trusting yourself and that you’re doing the right thing when everyone else is leaving.” ~ Elviise

Powered by the indie label Hearts In Horizon which she started with her supportive partner Robin Nordström during the start of this dreadful pandemic, Elviise has emerged from the darkness of her youth to really take charge of her destiny. You feel the ever-increasing strength that flows through her excellent vocals, to help others out there that have also suffered with low confidence and those feelings of wanting to harm yourself. It feels like she sings for more than herself, her piercing eyes are so honest and her gorgeous vocals only seek to uplift – as she floats majestically like a Queen over all the smoggy self-doubt – and to a much happier place in our hearts.

When life brings such unreal events, experiences, injustices and you hope that someone will pinch you in the arm so you can wake up from the unreal dream. It’s only then, when you think that everything is hopeless, that you can experience the magical moment when you realize that you actually have the control to change your reality. Change mindset, change gears. Fight back.” ~ Elviise

Lucid Dream‘ from the wonderful Västerås, Sweden-born, Stockholm, Sweden-based indie pop/rock artist Elviise, is a truly remarkable single from a graceful artist who is headed towards her prime. With a calming piano-filled start which sets the scene just right, to the breathtaking build which feels like you are in a movie, this is a sumptuous effort that needs lots of love.

This is a fighting-through-the-struggles anthem that proves you can reach your goals if you try hard enough, and have the support of those who truly believe in you. Be who you want to be.

Hear this fine new single on her Spotify and see more visuals on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen