‘The Moment Keeps on Moving’ from Max Lee is a lovely indie-folk single

The Moment Keeps on Moving‘ from Max Lee is a lovely indie-folk single that has care and love written all over it.

Bethel, New York is the home of Max Lee and he returns with a fine track that is full of honesty, indie-folk dreams and fantastic lyrics. Very unsatisfied with widespread complacent attitudes toward life, he is on a mission to change the world with his music.

This is about knowing deep inside what the real story. You need to follow your dream and make your move, you are the person in charge of your destiny so must do what is right.

The Moment Keeps on Moving‘ from Max Lee is a fine new effort from the singer-songwriter as he delves into life with a fine song. With a voice that takes you on a flourishing journey, this is a real track that we needed. Keeping the moment and making everything worthwhile in life is so vital. Music like this reminds us about this important message.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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