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Los Angeles singer Arcana speaks on personal addiction with ‘Back To You’

Los Angeles singer Arcana speaks on personal addiction with ‘Back To You‘ and this is a true story about how some people have a piece of your soul in their hand.

After the success of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’-the moody alt-pop gem, this is a return to these very high heights of effortless music.

“This song seemingly wrote itself for me. I was laying in bed past midnight when the chorus presented itself in full. The next day I sat down with it and created a very basic production outline; really just the bass and a beat idea. I handed it off to my producer RIKI who immediately understood my vision for the track and put his unique twist on the production.”

Arcana sings with such determination on ‘Back To You‘. The LA singer is experiencing something that is quite rare, that strong love with someone that won’t go away. You think of them so much and you are addicted to their style, what they say and you can’t do anything about it. It is like you have been taken over by a different spirit, this can be good but also bad, depending on who you are with.

This is a lovely indie pop song with a great vibe, terrific production and a new talent has emerged from 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

WD-HAN drop excellent new single ‘Work For It’ which is an ode to the hard working heroes out there

WD-HAN drop excellent new single ‘Work For It‘: an ode to the hard working heroes out there who are often forgotten about in this often boast-filled world of flash and dash.

After 10 years in the game and counting, this is a band that have stuck together throughout, they play for charities and measure their success in people helped. This is a group that love to help where they can and play music to new new friends globally.

You celebrate those that work hard and really try their best. They have earned every cent and not been given an easy ride. This is challenging the notion that people that have so much feel they have deserved it. What have they actually done? This is that raw ride to share your feelings on this often forgotten about.

Work For It‘ from WD-HAN is a rock show that delivers us a global feel, its a fun ride with an original twist throughout. Music make with a real truth about working hard for what you earn, nothing is going to be given to you. Well, most of us in the world anyway.

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Australian rapper Billy Reeves rips in with quick hitter single ‘Murder’

Australian rapper Billy Reeves rips in with quick hitter single ‘Murder‘. Previously under the moniker Whit3 Boy, this is a fab track with lots of sauce.

Despite his New Zealand roots, this young artist now stays in Melbourne and is loving life in this creative city. With a busy schedule, this humble musician aims to release a song every month. Keeping accountable is so vital and this is a great way to stay alive and passionate in life.

Melbourne emcee Billy Reeves impresses on ‘Murder‘, the artist steams in with purpose and focus, now ready for the world. He raps with vengeful energy, he slices the bars down like a hungry bear, so much vigor and flair. This has a cinematic style to it and you can feel the passion. This is an emcee is finally ready for the bright lights as his music is catchy and seamless. This fits 2020 just nicely.

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Debut song ‘Revolutionary Days’ from Poole singer Aaron James is a strong effort about real change

Revolutionary Days‘ from Poole singer Aaron James is a strong effort about real change that is of real meaning.

Aaron James is a singer-songwriter and musician from Poole in Dorset. He trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and this is a young musician who is putting all his efforts into music. There are Jazz, Soul and Pop influences all over this marvel of a track, you can feel the skill on each note which is glorious to hear.

This song is inspired by a deep inner longing for change on a revolutionary scale, and a feeling that change is coming, and can happen if we want it. The song is about a ‘spiritual revolution’, a changing of hearts and minds, and an awakening to the truth and standing up for what is right and just. It can relate to a revolution for human rights and freedom, against racism and sexism, for the preservation of the planet and the environment, for peace, against war, and for love and care for our fellow neighbor. It comes from a feeling that words are no longer enough, we need revolutionary action and now is the time for revolutionary days.

Revolutionary Days‘ from Aaron James is his debut and this is a top effort for his first released track. This song is made with a fierce attitude, his mindset is strong and he wants change. This is a feeling that millions of us are having currently, so many things have changed but not in the way that we want them to. A top song with real meaning is always welcome and you can feel the passion. This is music that means something and should be celebrated.

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Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix’

Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘.

This is an indie-pop cover of the AFI punk-classic ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ originally released in 2000. Early AFI was a massive influence on the band and they were always connected to Halloween through their imagery and symbolism. With the 20 anniversary of the song happening, this seemed like a great time to make this track that is close to their hearts.

This is a talented duo that makes indie-art and tasty dream pop to quench all those thirsts out there. Dayan sings and illustrates all of their artwork. Eric plays guitar and is also the producer and this is the team that make this lovely music.

Tiny Ghosts shows us their quality on ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ and this is a terrific song to be consumed. This vocals are gritty and real, the guitar and production is matched in quality. This is cover that has been mind with making it an excellent celebration and this goal has been achieved with this superb effort.

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Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops journey-filled debut song ‘California’

Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops debut song ‘California‘ and this is a lovely listen. With indie-folk love and stories attached, this is a song to pay full attention to.

With percussion and digital processing added to his vocals and guitar, its always good to have an extra little boost, Nick creates a signature sound that is sure to be warmly received all over the world. Burnt out after a successful career in the Corporate world, Nick decided that he needed a change. A new start which has music at the core. Being happy is so important.

Nick LaBella is quite inspiring on his debut song ‘California‘. The Tahoe-based musician shows us his journey here. He writes and plays a multi-generational & eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and pop. Nick draws on a wide range of musical inspiration that touches the soul and warms the heart. This is the story of the underdog, driving southbound to find the next gig. With simmering vocals, Nick LaBella is quite brilliant onCalifornia‘.

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London singer Ross Western rides the airwaves above with the electric ‘Easy’

Easy‘ from Ross Western is a new single full of life and energy, this is a artist on a mission to be known all over the globe.

This is a quality songwriter, producer, engineer based in London who returns with a new song that has a brisk start that catches your attention. This is the follow up to his last effort called ‘Worlds‘, full of touching piano and a movie feel. A more than worth follow up is seen and heard here, such is the brisk quality. This one is a bit edgier, with a indie rock kind of journey. I love the varied skill set which shows off the talent we are exposed to.

Easy‘ from Ross Western is a fun journey above the clouds, you just want to fly while listening to this truthful experience that makes us all smile. This is a perfect weekend song by the beach, living life the way it should be. The vocals catch you and fill you up, the guitar riffs reminds you that this is a song to support.

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Germany’s Felix Dreiser blends into the walls with earth-bending beauty on ‘Retrograde’

Felix Dreiser blends into the walls with earth-bending beauty on ‘Retrograde‘, a paradise of stunning music captivation, that has been created with such care and authenticity. This is an instrumental track that will give you peace of mind.

Cologne based composer and guitarist Felix Dreiser has that rare sound, one that is cinematic. The different layers that he puts out there is quite spell-binding. Unconventional improvisations are abundant, the difference here is that this is a master at work.

Felix says’ Retrograde‘ is a metaphor for freeing yourself from externally controlled forces that don’t full represent you or what you believe in deep inside. You need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and this is the way forward. The only way to grow is to be free from those outside distractions. Getting stuck behind a big wall is not going to achieve anything and only block your way to really achieve what you are capable of.

Retrograde‘ from Felix Dreiser is an inspirational story of how you can remodel your life, brick by brick, day by day. This is a track like none other, the intricacies are quite spectacular. Following on from his debut releases ‘TIMA‘ and ‘A Hand Full of Colors‘ in late 2019, you get the feeling like this is an artist that flying high right now.

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Australia’s Cannon blast in with lead single ‘Enemy’ from forthcoming debut album

Melbourne, Australia is the home of the exciting outfit Cannon. They blast in the dusty music venue with lead single ‘Enemy‘ from their forthcoming debut album. This is that Ozzie rock that we all needed to quench that thirst for rocking music.

Recorded and mixed by Fabian Hunter, mastered by Nao Anzai and with artwork by Mary Streepy, this is a lively indie rock single with a band that is so right together, this is a high-paced journey that will take your breath away. This is that jam a long band to sway your whole body to and just dance.

This is the kind of local band you go and watch live. New in name but the years of experience shows through here. The sharp vocals cut through the speakers with the catchy rhythm that is of guitar riff in abundance. The lights are on real bright here, this is a song that is perfect for 2020. We are all looking for the enemy instead of the opposite. The world is backwards and the world needs music to inspire our confused hearts.

‘Enemy, Enemy, who’s your Enemy?’ rings through and Cannon are an act to watch closely. This new band have that extra bit of quality is so rare.

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‘Hell Of A Summer’ tells the story of a lost time from Joelmalka

Hell Of A Summer‘ tells the story of a lost time from Joelmalka and this electronic-dream transports us into a different galaxy. It’s been a rough summer but this is track we need to unlock now, with our sunglasses on and beverage real cold.

It is so nice to have someone to talk to, your year has been so fragmented and confusion. Scary too. Luckily we are blessed to have a top notch song with this sun-soaked ray of a track. This is about wanting that personal tough, to speak to your loved ones properly and without fear.

‘Hell Of A Summer’ from Joelmalka is a journey beyond the tough year, you missed speaking to people and carrying on as usual. This is a beautiful track that was made with real love and hoping that 2021 is a much better year. The volume is up high here, the sun is hot and the beat keeps us real cool and fresh. This talented producer has put together a song that cooks the temperature up and reminds you of summer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen