”Cooped Up” is conscious Theodis Soul single with meaning

When you stop trusting what you hear or read on TV- you can feel let down and robbed. You begin to doubt everything you have been taught and that sinking feeling in your stomach make its appearance. Theodis Soul expresses his disgust in a stylish manner with one of the most important Hip Hop tracks of 2020.

Usually quite chilled in his approached, this is a new and much-needed direction change for this artist with a bright future.

Theodis Soul takes on a political journey with a few ups and many downs. A relevant look into the mind of a conscious Hip Hop artist that truly gets it. After being cooped up for so long with little leadership in his country- things have exploded and he can’t hide his face anymore. Reality has hit. Soul’s skills are of a high level and he flows through the track like a old pro. ”Cooped Up” is a self-aware song and he is looking after his soul and is tired of being behind the same four walls. This is a great Hip Hop track full of funky beats and clever lyrics. Blending the new school and old school in one song is a tough feat that he has managed.

Stream more from this brilliant emcee with a real story to tell on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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