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So Long: Ethan Russell needs to get the frustration out before he explodes on Circles

Falling into sneaky traps due to this tempestuous stream of life inside a seemingly wicked maze of treacherous tricks, Ethan Russell attempts to venture away from the deep end of his mind via the new single to reflect wholeheartedly with, Circles.

Ethan Russell (born Antalosky) is a small-town Pennsylvania indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer who grew up listening to quality sounds thanks to his parents.

I remember lip-syncing the entire Red Hot Chili Peppers’ – By The Way live show in my living room literally every day as a kid,” Antalosky says.

Showing us what it feels like to be lost inside a former love, Ethan Russell displays such maturity in this deftly projected underground illusion which is sealed with brilliance. Ethan has brought back a striking memory for many, who have felt the wrath of cruel luck romantically.

Circles from Pennsylvania-born indie pop singer-songwriter Ethan Russell is an incredible soundtrack for anyone who feels like things are at their worst right now. Sung with calm precision and with so much meaning simmering out of all speakers, elevating our minds away from the sadness and into a new mission to change the mood of millions.

When the mind is twisted, everything is flipped upside down.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sorry I’m Not In The Mood: Drew Hersch feels the cold shoulder on Love Of Yesterday

Sung with calming intensity and guiding into a rather fascinating love-filled world, Drew Hersch warms to the idea of that rather wonderful full kiss moment of passion to wash all tears away with on Love Of Yesterday.

Drew Hersch is a Boulder, Colorado-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer who uses his resourcefulness to record wherever he sees fit.

Heavily inspired by artists like Billie Eilish, Rex Orange County, and Lana Del Rey, Drew has found a way to combine stylistic familiarity with unapologetic originality. Drew Hersch’s signature sound can be recognized by its unique textures, vocal performance choices, theatrical structures, and its distinct blend of predictability and surprise.” ~ Drew Hersch

Showering the world with a lesson for many to learn from, Drew Hersch is at his imaginative best on this skyrocketing illumination to ponder for its brilliance. This is the message of looking back at that powerful embrace, which seems to make everything right.

Love Of Yesterday from Boulder, Colorado-based indie pop singer-songwriter Drew Hersch is a superbly created soundtrack for anyone who has felt those cold winds blow in when a once striking romance appears to be waning. Submersed in so much quality and just waiting to be played late at night, this superlative soundtrack shall strike like a loud clock and take us all back into a time we’d probably forgotten.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On My Mind: Beth Macari sees the spark surge romantically inside her captivating eyes on Feel The Same

After a much-loved performance on Circles, Beth Macari explores the chemistry and takes another bite out of the ice cream with the seductive new single to kiss with, Feel The Same.

Beth Macari is a Newcastle Upon Tyne, England-based indie soul/RnB singer-songwriter who is vocally supreme and sings with that extra enticing edge you can’t teach.

After spending two years on the road with “Loose Women” star Jane McDonald, Beth fronted the house band on Sky One’s celebrity panel show “Bring The Noise”, where she performed alongside Melanie C, Tinie Tempah, Anne Marie and Nicole Scherzinger. A brief stint with the Manchester Camerata orchestra on their “Motown & Northern Soul” tour followed before Beth headed back to her native Newcastle Upon Tyne to focus on her own music.” ~ Beth Macari

Projected with so much genuine accuracy and containing one of the catchiest hooks imaginable, Beth Macari is at her loveable best. In fact, it’s very hard to dislike Beth. She sings with vigour and freedom, while just having honest fun too.

Feel The Same from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England-based indie soul/RnB singer-songwriter Beth Macari is a particularly memorable track which will help many forget the past and move into the moment. The now. That connection. The suspense. The flirting eyes and the extra heartbeat. This is a song to bring the heat back, no matter the temperature outside.

See this saucy new video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Floating on The Wings: Mirko Sangrigoli waited so long for that special moment on Never Enough

With his focus back on writing songs again and sensing the right time to get his compositions out into the world, Mirko Sangrigoli demonstrates to us the power of a chance collaboration with Never Enough.

Mirko Sangrigoli is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who is a true muso and shines a light on underground tracks made from the soul.

I remember always mucking about with any instrument I could get my hands on. The first thing I ever played was my father’s drums. It quickly developed from there, and the next thing you know, I was writing songs about everything I could think of on a toy keyboard. Growing up, I didn’t have fancy equipment, so I learned to get creative with what was available.” ~ Mirko Sangrigoli

Sinking in the dark all alone and waiting for the kiss that might never arrive, Mirko Sangrigoli is in top form and shows us where real quality is in this watered-down world. This is a class personified and ultimately a fine effort.

Never Enough from London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter Mirko Sangrigoli is a real stunner of an experience for anyone who’s waited so long for something, to ultimately feeling like it was a complete waste.

Projected so eloquently and soaked in a ray of hope, that perhaps the feeling will change, even though deep down, the defeat is rather close.

Meaningful music with impact will always sound a bit better than most. Mirko Sangrigoli has just proved this notion with some aplomb.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No More Monsters In My Bed: Kamanda helps us find a purpose on I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay)

Neglected when young and feeling like everything was going under, Kamanda heats up the airwaves with a visualizing greatness soundtrack of the highest standard on I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay).

Kamanda aka Nehemiah Kamanda is a Liberia-born Newcastle, Australia-based indie poet, rapper and songwriter who makes the kind of music which helps wounds heal.

Kamanda raps about his life, his struggles and overcoming hard times.” ~ Kamanda

Displaying much leadership and projecting a superb anthem for anyone who feels rejected in this odd world, Kamanda and Regikay join forces rather smoothly and calm all anxious hearts on this rather special song. This is a track about clawing out of the struggle when it’s easier to just give up.

I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay) from Newcastle, Australia-based indie poet/rapper Kamanda is a thunderously emotional single which is a real stunner in a cold world. With enlightening melodies to ease all worries away into the distance, we are treated to a proper message to the world.

Shining no matter what the past, is more valuable than anyone can quantify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take a Bow: Bruce Tang fears for the future on the reflective gem The End of the Wolf

Sung with so much profound meaning and with a dreamy glance at a romantic memory, Bruce Tang tells us the story about losing that shine which can take humanity to the finish line on The End of the Wolf.

Bruce Tang is a New City, New York-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter who explores deep emotions such as death, love and time while taking the listener into a whole new universe.

Influences include Wilco, Radiohead, Beulah, and Beck’s folkier material.” ~ Bruce Tang

With a cinematic journey through time as the world turns sideways, New City underground legend Bruce Tang guides us through the lands that have burnt and blistered from the test of time.

The End of the Wolf from New City, New York-born indie folk-pop Bruce Tang is a rather impressive single which has timeless written all over it. There is a pacifying exuberance which shall send a trigger of introspection to our deepest souls, this is a tremendously excellent experience to dig deep inside.

Sometimes the world can be so cruel to those who have felt the frost for too long.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back To Your Arms: Kinju wonders why a past lover made him into a Ghost

Remembering the broken trust and something other than real, Kinju roams rather quietly inside a reflective soundtrack for anyone who feels so lonely like a Ghost after a traumatic breakup.

Kinju is a Puerto Rico-born Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who makes honent melodies to alleviate all worries away.

21 years old but have gone through experiences most people my age can’t even think of and that my friend; is what brings me to music.” ~ Kinju

Softly spoken but ensuring full eloquence with a tremendous performance, Kinju is on top form with Ghost and drifts slowly into all facets of our lives. This is that real message to lather inside when we needed it most after wanting something that isn’t meant to be.

Ghost from Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Kinju is a rather incredible single which will make many wonder why love has to be complicated sometimes. Taking our minds into a deeper place of understanding with a tinge of regret, this is a rather eye-opening story millions have sadly felt before in this odd world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Am Grounded: The Eighty Six Seas drops timeless new track I Need My Girl (ft. Elly Kace and Straight Pepper Diet)

Doing rather remarkable things to surprise himself and all listeners, The Eighty Six Seas covers The National on his brand new release called I Need My Girl (ft. Elly Kace and Straight Pepper Diet) 

The Eighty Six Seas aka Nick Stevens is a Brooklyn-based alternative folk-pop singer-songwriter who after seven years living in Boston, finds his soul alive in new sounds which are inspiring his every move.

Stevens was studying at the University of Connecticut when he first started crafting songs, finding his footing as a solo folk artist and later cutting his teeth with indie rock collective The Condescending Foxes.” ~ Nick Stevens

Urging us all to never forget who is truly important in this rather tempting planet, The Eighty Six Seas soaks all of our worries away in an instant here. Pure and taking us to the pacifying waters away from evil, this is a rather excellent effort from all angles.

I Need My Girl from Brooklyn-based alternative folk-pop singer-songwriter The Eighty Six Seas is a relaxing single to change many mixed moods with. Offering us so much hope and love, this is a catchy anthem for all the right reasons. With softly spoken words and kind exuberance, we find an uncorrupted song to wash all worries away.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Face to Face: Nicholas Dante feels rather conflicted but free on Breathe

Afraid of the beast within and this electrically stimulating dance slider, Nicholas Dante gains potency from the lurking shadows and has dropped a song so mesmerizing it will cause heart pulsations on Breathe.

Nicholas Dante is an emerging Brooklyn, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who loves nothing more than fusing electronic sounds and avant-garde art together.

By consistently utilizing high concept theming with cinematic & historical sonic influences, Nicholas Dante is using intricate production to craft a world of his own.” ~ Nicholas Dante

Dazzling with so much creatively instinctive juice to marvel at, Nicholas Dante is rather fantastic on this hot new single to shake an iron with. Gosh, there is a ravishing soundtrack inside this ear-soothing experience to get shivers over.

Breathe from Brooklyn, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter Nicholas Dante is a shape-shifting new single to get rather exhilarated inside. Drenched in a whirlwind of emotions and taking us for a revealing ride, this is an up-close experience which might result in a few blushes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Curl Up and Quit: Van Meter is on top form with Don’t Mind If I Don’t

With her much-anticipated fourth full-length record on the way, Van Meter reveals to us the hunger still brewing from her hiatus on the splendid new single, Don’t Mind If I Don’t.

Van Meter aka Jennifer Van Meter is a much-acclaimed Maryland-born indie singer-songwriter and proud Mom who has been in the game for over 20 years.

I’ve continued to simply persist over the years and stay true to what I want, and it’s incredible the tribe that now stands beside me. And this includes the support system that I now have that not only supports my music but also helps to take care of my children: dear friends, and neighbors. I really couldn’t do this without them. I sincerely thank them for contributing to the Van Meter music mania.” ~ Van Meter

After learning her trade thanks to her uncle’s old basement guitars and learning the D chord, Van Meter has dropped a song about persistence and staying true to those dreams, while never giving in to the shadows. Bravely conquering all fears and challenges, we find a song to wash all tears away with.

Don’t Mind If I Don’t from Maryland-born indie singer-songwriter Van Meter is a refusing-to-quit anthem for anyone who needed to hear powerful words. Sung so beautifully and with a memorable melody to lift up all weary souls, while warming our hearts and bringing us all hope that tomorrow shall be a better day.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen