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I Want You Now: Brisbane RnB artist Pachinko dreams happily of the fascinating ‘Laneway Girl’

As he longingly gazes into the beautifully peaceful forest to hopefully find the mysterious girl who he endlessly seeks, Pachinko passionately looks for her sweet smile in the hazy fog of this strange world that can sneakily hide you away easily on ‘Laneway Girl‘.

Pachinko is a Brisbane-based Australian-Vietnamese indie RnB singer-songwriter, and former hip-hop dancer. He is a rising artist with heaps of easy-to-hear potential, and sings with a crisply clean style which is such a pleasure to witness.

Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Pachinko explores the notions of the human condition with an affable aura. It was upon graduating high-school where Pachinko took the plunge to start creating Alternative R&B music, transitioning from shower singer to artist.” ~ Pachinko

His cleanly sung voice is such a glorious listen and you find yourself so impressed with his fantastic vocal delivery which serves an ace the whole way though. The passion to find her has consumed his ever-thinking mind, as he wishes she would ignore the small-minded distractions to be with him, where it is safe and calming for the soul.

Laneway Girl‘ from the Australian indie RnB artist Pachinko, has your mind racing with ideas as you wonder where that love of your life is. You worry that they are lost into the cloudy world of falseness that can change even the smartest – as you remember them so vividly and hope you will see their pretty face again – so you may finally have that romantic moment you wish for fondly.

Hear this daydream-filled single on Spotify and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Need Someone To Hold: Robert Weston is down on his love-luck with ‘Leave This Bed’

Produced by Brett Trout, Robert Weston tells us the story about feeling romantically sad as that alone feeling can really get you down in the dumps on ‘Leave This Bed‘.

Robert Weston is a soulful indie country singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. He is a true artist who brings us that real energy on each of his tracks – as he tells us the truth – about how he is feeling in this rather odd world.

The main character in this ‘mix of traditional and contemporary’ sounding country song is feeling alone and wishes he was in love, but he realises that he is getting older and that time isn’t on his side.” ~ Robert Weston

You feel his lonesome road to that heart beating light he so seeks – and with a calming vocal ability – this is a track to play late at night when you need some company, after a long time from where you want to be.

Leave This Bed‘ from The Netherlands-based indie-country artist Robert Weston, is a telling story about how a man feels when he has been single for too long. He misses the touch of a lover that cares, and wonders if he will ever find that special soul who will care for him.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Me: Penny Roox desires someone real to love on ‘Sad Sad Dreams’

Returning graciously with her second single after the incredibly real ‘Mean‘, Penny Roox reminds us of her remarkably vintage sound via the new single which transports you to a highly reflective place called ‘Sad Sad Dreams‘.

Penny Roox is a The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter. She elegantly seeks to find that pure love through tragedy, and sings about these memorably intimate moments which has your heart beating so fast.

Stepping into an all-so-alluring vintage black-and-white daydream, Penny Roox presents herself as a long-lost classic songstress of the 60’s – alluding to the likes of a modern-day Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra.” ~ Penny Roox

Her stunning vocal ability is so peaceful with a tinge of heartbreak, as she looks for that human who will have her floating into the sky, with so many butterflies fluttering all over her soul. Each note is so sumptuously made, the supreme soundscape takes you to that place where you feel like you are in a completely different era, that is so far away from this often-harsh world.

Sad Sad Dreams‘ from The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter Penny Roox, is a moving track of the highest order – as we are wrapped into a love bubble – by such a nostalgic artist who is truly rather special. She weaves a gorgeously-tied bow all over our hearts, as she takes us on a ride to that moment you wish was easier to find.

True love is that elusively frustrating journey, that you only know you have found, when you unexpectedly find it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You To: Laughing Boy drops dashing love-scorn soul debut single ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You’

Blessing us with his first release from the three-track EP ‘A Commuters Guide To Avoiding Interaction’, Laughing Boy tells us a true story about wondering why they never said those special words which you were longing for on ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You‘.

Laughing Boy is a Northern-born, East London, UK-based indie-soul singer-songwriter. He makes that cinematic experience which is such a fantastic listen, as his profoundly eloquent vocals are matched with such heartfelt lyrics.

A chance meeting with members of the backing band ‘The Under-sink Essentials’ led to the collaboration that shaped the sound to come, drawing influences from classic soul, funk, jazz, 90’s R’N’B, Neo-soul and Acid Jazz.” ~ Laughing Boy

You feel his tranquil energies shine through the closed door as he torments himself – whilst wondering why they didn’t take the step he did – as his mind washes around quickly like being in a cold thunderstorm, to a place he knows isn’t healthy for his broken heart.

You’ll Never Say I Love You‘ from the expressive East London artist Laughing Boy, is a stunning song which shows you his deep regret that his partner scorned him, for no particular reason. All he did was show love, but perhaps this was not meant to be. With a terrific vocal ability and a supremely thoughtful style, this is a rather reflective song which is a fantastic debut.

Sometimes the search to finding your true love leads you to unexpected places. The person you thought was perfect for you, was actually just there to teach you to only open your heart, to those who are truly worth it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All I See Is Ghosts: New Mexico-based artist Taylor Paul wants to get away from the bad vibes on ‘Another Day’

With a skilled fisherman’s precision sharpness as he looks to where he needs to be, Taylor Paul knows that he needs to move from all the spooky memories that restrict his sleep on his new single ‘Another Day‘.

Taylor Paul is a calm New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He forges that old school and new school sound together perfectly, as he fuses his own light into where there is so much darkness.

You feel his honest attitude flow vividly through the speakers as his mind looks for a way out. With a smoothly tuned vocal toolbox – his vocals are a pleasure to listen to throughout – as you find strength from his striking lyrics that certainly has you thinking deeply.

Another Day‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer Taylor Paul, shows us a story that shows you how he wants to grow, but feels like he is falling in his dreams and needs to find that exit sign quickly. With a freshly tuned voice, he sings with such reflection and you feel his anxious energy, which needs to be healed before its too late.

Only through being in a place where you feel safe, can you truly be free and fly into the sky to reach those dreams.

See this quality new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Give Up: South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi prays for guidance to battle through his ‘Thoughts’

As he asks for help from up above as his mind swirls into temptations he wants to avoid, Femi Ajayi inspires us to reach up and raise the standard of our mindset to be better on ‘Thoughts‘.

Femi Ajayi is a full-time pharmacist and South London based Gospel singer-songwriter. He makes that faith-based music which has been organically created to help others who believe in the same journey, to have strength during these tough times.

With influences ranging from Kirk Franklin to Luther Vandross, his desire is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; hope and love through music.” ~ Femi Ajayi

He sings with such a true tone that has you believing each word, as he holds out his hand and asks others to join him on the path of recovery. Each sentence is sung with an inner power that takes him up into the clouds, so he may heal and never have his mind taken to places he knows aren’t where he needs to be.

Thoughts‘ from the insightful South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi, shows us the inner mindset of a man who believes that any issue can be solved if you ask God for help. With a smooth voice and an enlightened attitude, he sings with a tone that will surely inspire many to never give up, no matter what obstacles are in your path.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly: Lawrence Ryan releases sterling cover of The Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ (Live)

With a terrific vocal ability and masterful guitar skills to match, Lawrence Ryan is highly impressive on his cover for The Beatles legendary single called ‘Blackbird’ (Live).

Lawrence Ryan is a soulful solo indie blues/rock singer-songwriter from Brooklyn in New York who now resides in New England. He is a skilled musician who has had experience in bands, but now performs solo.

After moving to New England, his songs and voice became the mainstay of several Northeast area bands. One of which was the blues/funk band Lux Radio. As lead singer and guitarist, he has opened for national acts such as Meatloaf and Cub Coda of
Brownsville Station.” ~ Lawrence Ryan

This is a song that was all about the U.S. race riots in mid-1968, that caused so much shock all over the world due to their intensity. The track is a metaphor of the struggle for the black civil rights movement and is sung with much vigor, from a singer who knows how important this release is.

Blackbird’ (Live) from the solo blues-filled New England songwriter Lawrence Ryan, shows us into a world that has come back after many years with tensions bursting underground, that have now surfaced into the forefront of television sets globally. He sings with a true sense of responsibility and this is a courageous effort from a quality musician.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Wanna See Ya: Art.I.Ficial truly knows what he wants tonight on ‘Hey Mamacita’

Taken off his debut five-track EP named ‘The First Kumming‘, Art.I.Ficial politely asks her to join him for the after party back at his place, on the late-night track all about connecting your eyes together as one with ‘Hey Mamacita‘.

Art.I.Ficial is an indie Liberian-American Anime rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He is a highly creative artist who is fairly new to the game but has the music soundscape born deep in his veins, and you can feel his wonderfully rare chemistry on each part of this exciting track.

This is a steamy story all about stating your intentions and leaving nothing to luck, as you flow into the conversation like a smoke-filled dream. He tells it straight up and isn’t being too pushy, as he sees what he likes and wants to make sure that she is feeling the hot vibes too.

Hey Mamacita‘ from the emerging Liberian-American rapper Art.I.Ficial, shows us a man with one thing on his mind and she knows it. He smoothly speaks to her and leaves her heart beating so much faster, as his words are deeply toned and with so much charm.

This is a late-night track with so much to enjoy, as it sums up our mood away from the doom and the constant gloom, that is slowing passing like the ravishing wind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is This One Big Gamble: Portsmouth’s OSD wonders what the odds are with the self-aware ‘Be More Selfless’

Taken off his brand new three-track EP called ‘Next Day Delivery‘, OSD shows us his rising brilliance with the introspective story about wanting to put the past in the dustbin and move into fresh waters of healing on ‘Be More Selfless‘.

OSD is a UK-based hip-hop artist, music producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Portsmouth. He makes that intelligent music that is full of realness, which is an underground gem all the way.

Over the recent years I have put more focus into writing lyrics, recording vocals and vocal production. This year I finally decided to create the OSD project, this is a project designed to let me be as creative and experimental as an artist.” ~ OSD

With an effortlessly smooth flow that has you totally entrenched into his sensational story – you heartily sense his terrifically honest style that is a masterful listen – which catches your attention with his wittily real lyrics. You feel like he is an artist that entrances the mic like a formidable wizard and swirls up the speakers to intoxicating levels of totally ear-soothing enjoyment.

Be More Selfless‘ from the South Coast, UK-based artist OSD, is an inspirational story about knowing you need to be better. You look up to your Auntie and know that you should aim to be as faithful as her. He seeks the path that shall take him onto a road that has him smiling from ear to ear, which is a swift move from what he was undesirably sucked into before.

If this is his redemption journey, we need to lock into the ride as it feels like he is only scratching the surface of his destined potential.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Frightened to Speak: Ryan Fox wonders if he is living a lie on ‘I’m On The Losing Team’

As he wonders if he is stuck in a dark and soggy dream that just won’t end, Ryan Fox breaks away from the mental prison on his new single about love with ‘I’m On The Losing Team‘.

Ryan Fox is an impressively poetic indie folk-rock singer-songwriter, qualified secondary school physics teacher and current theoretical physics student, who is based in peaceful Kent, UK. He was born in the vibe-filled world of Northampton, England, and makes that introspective music that is filled with witty charm and terrifically written vocals, that stir up your imagination to think further that you thought possible before.

On a day to day basis Ryan can be found trying to remember what he did and where he was only yesterday, honing his Al Pacino impersonation in the shower, and trying to get his code to work. He has yet to make much progress on any of the above.” ~ Ryan Fox

This is the story about falling in love but knowing deep down that you can’t be together, as they are with someone else and you wonder if you will ever be as close as you desperately want to be. You wished that you were together as they were your hero at school, but things just didn’t work out and you are left wondering what might of been.

I’m On The Losing Team‘ from the wonderfully soulful family man Kent, UK-based indie singer-songwriter Ryan Fox, is a hope-filled track that has you reaching out your hand to others who are stuck right now. Thoughts from the past can drag you down unless they are expressed – and so many struggle to get feelings off their chest – that shall have your heart feeling whole again, despite if you achieved your ultimate goal or not. Getting out of that dark place of what-if, is the only way to be warm and free.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen