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People Come And Go: Southern California’s Audrey Scout drops break-up fueled debut single ‘That’s Embarrassing’

Taking theme inspirations from the 70’s after a recent breakup that shocked her system, Audrey Scout realized her true self-worth on a reflective single which has you admiring her promising debut named ‘That’s Embarrassing‘.

Audrey Scout is a nineteen-years-young multi-skilled indie country/pop/folk singer-songwriter from Santa Clarita in Southern California. This high achiever is a high school’s talent show winner, current college student and pianist who sings with an old soul mentality, who has a pure vocal ability from the top drawer.

Along with the petty lyrics, it is perfect for singing at the top of your lungs and jamming out to with your friends down the freeway.” ~ Audrey Scout

People will come and into your life suddenly and attempt to fleece you of your treasured innocence so they can greedily add it to their fake chain of misdeeds – when actually all they are doing is building up that karma – which will strike them where it hurts when the time is right. This is the message of moving past all the past doubts and believing in your path, as you learn how to be wiser but to never lose what makes you special.

With sweetly textured vocals that feels honey-dipped and made with that rare love – you feel warm inside your thoughtful body and almost relieved that she has made this track – to set herself free and break away from the plastic waste that could of held onto her forever.

That’s Embarrassing‘ from the sparkling Southern California-based indie-country/pop/folk singer-songwriter, painter and keen hiker Audrey Scout, is the story of taking some time out to ponder what happened after a rough breakup. You have processed things and realized that you weren’t at fault and will learn from being played by a selfish person, who will have to answer for their mistake, not you.

Sung with a real sense of a purpose from a wildly talented artist with a real future, this is an underground gem we need to show love to right now.

Hear this highly promising single on Spotify and see more new about this wonderful talent on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free Fall In My World: Sensational Sheffield pop artist Charlotte Branson is blinded by those tempting lights on ‘Lie With Me’

Produced by Jared Harding at Electric Bear Studios in Mansfield, England, Charlotte Branson cheekily feels the urge to be with someone out of bounds who makes her whole energized body flutter in absolute excitement on ‘Lie With Me‘.

Charlotte Branson is a classy cat-loving Sheffield, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter. She brings a sexy edge with a classic bottle of sassy, who always keeps it real with life experiences in love, lust and dealing with that heart shattering break-up routine we all want to avoid.

Lie with me is about falling in love with someone who is in a relationship. Lie With Me is a double entendre. Meaning to lie with someone in a physical and mental sense.” ~ Charlotte Branson

She sings with that ultra smooth honey-tipped vocal ability that transforms your mood from before, as you naughtily dream about the forbidden fruit that you shouldn’t be trying to nourish yourself with, but feel the urge to long for anyway.

Lie With Me‘ from the stylish Sheffield pop artist Charlotte Branson, shows us a locked up world that should be avoided at all costs but seems to be easier to open that it should be. Her heart feels like they should be together and wishes that things could be simpler than they are right now, as she sings with such a pure passion that is utterly wonderful. This is a thought provoking track that so many will relate to, as you wonder if you will be with the person your soul desires, or if you should rather just move on.

Hear this ravishing lip-locker on Spotify and see more news via her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When They Sing: Hélène Renaut reminds us that dreams do exist on ‘Summer Love’

As she attentively sings with breathtaking intimacy that blends so much beautiful air away from a rather foggy world with so much unfortunate pollution, Hélène Renaut reminds us that those soul-healing moments are there to be remembered if you know where to look on ‘Summer Love‘.

Hélène Renaut is an angelic indie-folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and classically trained violinist who was born in peaceful Brittany in France, who now calls Los Angeles, California her home.

Poems, music, love and a lot of tea.” ~ Hélène Renaut

She is a true nature lover who sings freely with that blossoming care and real love that so many wish they had for breakfast each day. Each note performed is a calming ambiance that covers your mood from the gusting winds outside your threatened door, so that only kind thoughts and hospitable tranquilly may be forever restored into its rightful place.

This is the more-than-ideal lead single for her just-released album ‘The Bells of Freedom‘, and we are blessed with a real calming wind of wonder from an artist who seem to posses such natural grace. This is the heart-beating message that many think is still possible – as you wish to the trees outside that your dreams may all come true – with that special soul who shall arrive rather unexpectedly.

Summer Love‘ from the gracious Los Angeles-born, French folk singer-songwriter extraordinaire Hélène Renaut, is one of the most soothing songs you will hear all year. Her dreamy vocals puts you into a much happier place than before, as the 60’s influenced baroque pop mixed with pure folk-filled treats, has you smiling from ear to ear. Life can be so simple after all, if you keep your thoughts in the right place.

Hear her peacefully beautiful new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’d Always Feel Alone: Henry Dukes never wants that first love to leave on ‘If I Die Tomorrow’

Taken off his dashing five-track debut EP ‘Voicemail’ which dropped on the 20th August 2021 and was co-written and produced with the assistance of his great friend/fellow songwriter Tom Phelps, Henry Dukes takes the key to his soul and carefully slides open the door on the loving new single ‘If I Die Tomorrow‘.

Henry Dukes is a seventeen-years-young Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor on BBC’s upcoming Sex Pistols series. He might be a fresh face but you sense something rather special about this emerging artist, as his distinctive voice tells you he is ready for anything.

The EP chronicles the talented 17-year singer-songwriter’s first love against the backdrop of lockdown, with clips from voicemails and messages exchanged between the young couple over the course of the summer they fell in love.” ~ Henry Dukes

This is the sweet story of wondering if they would still think of you even if you weren’t around due to the horrendous pandemic, as you recall their connection before when your hands locked inside each others for the first time. The pure love is easy to hear and sense, taste and remember, each word is passionate, as we are brought into this love-fueled embrace of the highest order.

If I Die Tomorrow‘ from Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and talented actor Henry Dukes, is the type of song which makes you feel rather nostalgic from time that has passed recently. You miss that sweet soul who you wish was next to you right now, as you both long for that tender touch.

Sung with a youthful brilliance, it feels like we are only starting to witness a highly promising artist who will stand the test of time, in this fickle game that can take you down paths you would rather forget.

Stream this new single on his Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Need No Money: Katerina is out of patience as she longs for the basics on ‘Tell Me’

On a finger-clicking ambiance that is bound to have you thinking of those perfect pool-soaked summer days in the blazing sun with your ideal lover right next to you, Katerina has grown rather tired of running around in circles as she now knows what is most important on ‘Tell Me‘.

Katerina Dimitri aka Katerina, is a rather stylish indie pop/dance singer-songwriter and elegant classically trained dancer, who has been soaring freely in the music world since she was just ten years old.

Educated at the highly renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School in London for seven years, this is a very motivated artist who always seems to excel at whatever she does. After being a lead singer on her school choir and then gaining an impressive MT degree from Collins Performing Arts, the road has only open wider for this prodigious talent to shine brightly.

With stunning vocals that seems like they are lifting you to another safer planet up above at times, they are rather angelic on this simply electrifying single about finding that real peace. There is no extra fuss here, only sumptuous ear-bending music vibrations and a body-grooving beat, that takes you to places your mind has surely missed recently.

Tell Me‘ from the prolific indie pop/dance artist Katerina, is that freedom-seeking track that lets you know that she is ready for the big plunge now. After being in way too many rip currents and trying to swim against the waves of where she thought was the right place to be, she is ready to be in the right place now. In the arms of someone who truly loves her and who will be her lifeguard forever, is the only thing that she truly desires. That true peace and embrace.

Life can be so simple when you finally see the bigger picture.

Hear this sweetly tipped single on Spotify and see more of her glittering career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Running On Empty: NSW country artist Mackenzie Lee just needs a little love to fill up on ‘Loves In Drought’

Released from her recently dropped four-track debut EP with a reflective look into the mirror called ‘Sometimes I Wonder‘, Mackenzie Lee hopes that she can be filled up beautifully again with that sweet-feeling she sincerely desires on ‘Loves In Drought‘.

With her loved ones guiding her to be the best possible version of herself daily, Mackenzie Lee is that new inspired Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia-based indie country singer-songwriter, who we need to pay more attention to.

My main goal is to always enjoy my music, study to learn all aspects of the industry, eventually producing my own music.” ~ Mackenzie Lee

You feel the meaningful message of introspection sizzle through her fresh voice which is full of poise and kind enthusiasm, as her caring nature takes her to that calming fountain she wishes to drink from. The world has been so strange and she longs for the days of love again, when her heart can freely flutter like a romantic candle in the wind.

There is much to like from this exciting Ozzie talent. Her precocious voice will only improve over time as she learns more about those hidden eloquence-sounding skills, that the true greats have in their armory.

Loves In Drought‘ by the youthfully exciting Australian indie country artist Mackenzie Lee, is that ultimate I-don’t-want-to-be-lonely soundtrack we can all relate to. In a world that has become too distant, the vital urge to be together with someone- anyone half decent really – has never been greater in our complicated history.

Sung with sterling vigor from a passionate young lady who is only just starting her journey, this is a lovely country single that will have you dusting off your isolated boots, so you may venture confidently outside in hope again.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see her social adventures via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Power Over Me: Dreamy Essex singer-songwriter Molly Francesca stays true to herself on debut release ‘My Kind Of Man’

As she asks that her lover understands that she wants to be loved for those cute quirks and ultimate originality, Molly Francesca is here to make us smile in delight with her stunning and much-anticipated debut single ‘My Kind Of Man‘.

Molly Francesca is a classically-trained Hertfordshire, UK-based indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, alt rock lover, former member of cover band Shape of A Valentine, current lead singer of Tranquility Beach Band, who is beyond delighted to release her own music after many years of planning.

Molly was born into a music family and has been singing since she could barely crawl, as you feel her enticing energy that has you so captivated by her each stirring lyric.

She is heavily influenced by artists like Lana Del Rey, David Bowie, Mazzy Star, Christine and The Queens, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell and The Velvet Underground.” ~ Molly Francesca

You feel like you are listening to someone from another time as her elegance shines through brightly – the authentic nature feels snugly warm and beautifully distinctive – as she sings so calmly and with much rare class.

My Kind of Man was written as a soliloquy surrounding falling in love with someone for the first time. Molly say’s “It can be so confusing and lonely; the obsessiveness, the doubts but also the determination to stay true to yourself. It is so important to not settle for someone who doesn’t love you for you“. ~ Molly Francesca

My Kind Of Man‘ from the nostalgic Hertfordshire, UK-based indie-pop artist Molly Francesca, is an excellent debut which shows us a strong woman who refuses to change for anyone. She has a glorious vocal ability and displays such grace at each turn, as she lets us know that she wants to be loved for who she is inside. Nothing more, nothing less.

Its rare to find someone who wants to help you to be the best version of yourself but when you do, you should treasure the moment and let them know that you appreciate them.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Air Outside Is Freezing: South London’s Prince of Sweden finds his true home on ‘As Good A Place As Any’

After blessing us with the visuals for ‘If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thanks for Me‘ from the middle of 2020, Prince of Sweden returns with his unmistakably soothing style on his next gem called ‘As Good A Place As Any‘.

James Phippen aka Prince of Sweden, is a thoughtfully self-aware indie-rock singer-songwriter who hails from the calm countryside, who now calls South London in England his home.

Prince of Sweden’s influences range from the 60s infused rock’n’roll of the Arctic Monkeys, to the slow folk ballads of Leonard Cohen.” ~ Prince of Sweden

With a tranquil energy in much-abundance, you feel like you are listening to a true underdog who makes a sterling blend of music memories, which firmly fills the cold air outside, with a magnificent ambiance of warm contemplation inside your healing soul.

His voice is consistently excellent – as he takes us into a world of delightfully honest melodies – which has you feeling in a mellow-trance state of much-needed reflection.

Live from a dark room” was recorded and filmed in a day in a friend’s living room with gaffer tape on the windows.” ~ Prince of Sweden

As Good A Place As Any‘ from the soulful South London indie-rock singer-songwriter Prince of Sweden, is a soothing song which has you feeling so evaluative on what you truly value. Some want that excitement of travelling the world, whilst others just want to feel safe and happy in a calming place. This is that true story of just wishing for that ever-elusive peace, as you begin to think that where you are now, is actually just perfect after all.

Hear this superb effort on Spotify and see more of his journey on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Forget: South Yorkshire singer-songwriter Gerard Frain drops introspective debut release ‘Remember’

Taken briskly from his upcoming debut EP cleverly named ‘Roominate‘, Gerard Frain has us feeling in a rather reflective gaze into the mirror as you ‘Remember‘ being with someone so special, who you thought would be holding your hand forever.

Gerard Frain is a Leonard Cohen, George Harrison and Paul Simon-inspired indie-folk singer-songwriter from South Yorkshire in England. He fuses that memory-filled nostalgic energy which sweeps you outside into the fields full of nature, as you recall those past moments which you can’t easily forget.

Recorded entirely by himself in his bedroom he’ll have you emotionally grasped by the lyrics one second and tapping your toes the next.” ~ Gerard Frain

Sung with a comforting melody full of classic fondness to those who you want to remember, this is a wonderful song with such beauty attached. For a debut release, you have to admire this quality on a track that reminds you of those legendary music days, with the all-time icons he grew up listening to.

Remember‘ from the highly promising South Yorkshire indie-folk singer-songwriter Gerard Frain, is that feeling-I-regret single that has you in a rather sad trance, which is so hard to snap out of. Your mind is transfixed onto that moment which saw you drift away and you feel an empty heart resurface, as you wish things were so different.

No one wants to grow old and alone in this lonely world after all.

Listen to this debut track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Give You My All: Nigerian RnB artist Vung knows that without her he’d surely lose on ‘Sincerely Yours’

After dropping his debut LP named ‘Sincere‘ recently, Vung shows his respect for that special person in his life which wholeheartedly completes him with the love-sprinkled new single called ‘Sincerely Yours‘.

Vung is a twenty-years young Nigerian-born indie singer-songwriter, who is a former hip-hop artist, now fully in the RnB world. He makes an enticing blend of perfectly toned music to slow dance to, and has a superb voice which shows off his growing class.

This is the true story about knowing deep inside your stomach that you are fully into a truly unique person, who you seem to fall in love with more and more, each time that you are around their graceful presence. Your heart seems to glow and heat up when you hold hands, as your smile beams with joy that you have found such a genuine person to share your life with.

Sincerely Yours‘ from the youthful Nigerian RnB artist Vung, is that striking single which shows you his love for this true soulmate. His vocals are soothing and fresh, which has you feeling like he is in his prime right now. This is a candle-lit romantic cuddle-close single for those late-nights with your lover – as you sense his effortless energy – that seems to transmit an air of excellence all over this new single.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen