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Stay Away: Brice Robell urges caution with those tempting City Lights

With twists and turns which show us deep inside the mass-produced enticements which can soil even the cleanest, Brice Robell rockets an honest story to actually believe due to its well-constructed aura inside City Lights.

Brice Robell is a Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist who loves to swim upstream when others choose to stand still or follow the normal path.

Blessing our senses awake with an insightful interview recently which you may read here, Brice Robell is in peak form and has constructed something hugely imaginative. There is a story for the ages on offer which certainly will relate to millions.

City Lights from Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist Brice Robell is a rather spectacular song for all the right reasons. There is honesty in droves on offer. We are treated to a delightfully striking soundtrack from a wise figure who has reminded us to be careful out there.

With so many lurking shadows waiting to take a bite of whatever they want, advice like this should be surely valued.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Words: Jon Kenzie avoids the weaving observations on Two Plus Two Is Five

Sung with a calm intensity and reminding us of that soulful blues to sip on all night long, Jon Kenzie looks for the all-important truth inside a lie-filled world on the catchy new track to meditate with, Two Plus Two Is Five.

Jon Kenzie is an experienced Manchester, UK-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter and music producer who loves to fuse folk and soul into his wholehearted compositions.

He has truly worked his way up from the grassroots, first playing on the streets and in the clubs of Manchester and then travelling Europe and the States, performing in every town that he comes to.” ~ Jon Kenzie

Taking our minds into a truly introspective soundtrack which has been made with so much poise and ingrained brilliance, Jon Kenzie sizzles our earlobes in the best possible way. This is quality stuff from an honest poet who sings with so much glorious class and love for his craft.

Two Plus Two Is Five from Manchester, UK-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter Jon Kenzie is a rather intriguing single for anyone who believes that humanity is actually going backwards. Thinking about the past and sending us a quality track to learn from, this is a must-listen single if you like things super bluesy and real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different Places: Adam Monaco bides his time with a cuppa on Nevermind

Turning on the kettle and staying warm away from the temptations lurking outside, Adam Monaco sends our hearts into a more content place to find that happy home again on Nevermind.

Adam Monaco is a Long Island-born Philadelphia-based indie folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is known for his inspirational sounds and for assisting the local music scene.

Monaco is currently recording and releasing singles with his seven-piece band, and plans to release a full album at the end of 2023. Monaco recently entered the world of film when he scored the documentary Burden of Memory which won Best Director at LA’s First Glance Film Festival.” ~ Adam Monaco

Sung with an intensely felt honesty and soothing all worries away, Adam Monaco is that radiating hero we all needed. Reminding us to zen and have a warm cup of tea, as the wild world shows us the darkest sides of humanity outside.

Nevermind from Philadelphia-based indie singer-songwriter Adam Monaco is a rather glorious experience which is surely one of the most calming tracks so far in 2023. Taking us away from the bright lights and all the false narrative outdoors, this is a mind-my-own-business classic to chill next to the fire with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Puts You At Ease: Bessie Deakin loves the freshness of the Magic Man

Inspired fully by Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, Bessie Deakin enters our hearts in the best way imaginable with her sultry ways which are so genuinely sweet on Magic Man.

Bessie Deakin is a fast-rising London, UK-based indie jazz singer-songwriter and creative who performs with love so pure and caring.

Reenergized from her show at the legendary Troubadour on the 12th of April 2023, we are thrilled to the core by a sensational talent who is an angelic wonder in an often cruel world. Bessie Deakin is terrific here and projects her voice above the noise and seems to unwrap the plastic covering our lungs to let us breathe better again.

Magic Man from London, UK-based indie jazz singer-songwriter Bessie Deakin is an ear-warmer of note to ward off that unconscious, lonely romantic-less feeling. Sung with comforting energy which feels so good on our brittle bones, this is an angelic release from a kind soul who makes music to heal all weary spirits.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Washing Up: Stirred by Life drops stunning debut single Fallen

Washed up in the sea and looking to find the shore again to surge through the troubled waters, Stirred by Life sings with so much tenderness and strength which shall inspire many to find the extra step to live happier on Fallen.

Stirred by Life is a self-taught UK-based music creator who started with electronic creations and has since moved into an authentic pop blend served with innovative juices.

A very emotive song expressing fragility, anguish and shame when moving through very dark and challenging times. The delicate and moving acoustic guitar arrangement and vocals are supported by beautiful violin and orchestral arrangements as the emotions in the song grow stronger. Fallen will be the first track on a concept EP intended to take us on a touching journey from despair, through starting to trust in life again (2nd track), to celebrating newly found love (3rd track) and beyond (4th track).” ~ Stirred by Life

A debut to remember from Stirred by Life awaits all curious ears and eyes. With an incredibly thoughtful melody and vocals to marvel at, this is a special performance to treasure.

Fallen from the superb UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Stirred by Life is a rather emotional song which has been made with delightful care and intrinsic strength. Showing us the way to finding a dry place to lift up again, this is a sure-fire heart-beating soundtrack to show us where the hope is.

Projected so beautifully and with genuine visuals to guide us through the cold, we find a wonderful debut.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anna Smith overcome cancer to share her joie de vivre classic pop single, Feel Like Myself

After undergoing six months of chemo and immunotherapy, songwriter Anna Smith immortalised the memory of getting the all-clear in her song, Feel Like Myself, sung by the vocalist Jolie. The rapture of the moment radiates through the single, which was written for her daughter, that everyone should drink in if only once, to get the reminder that for all the expectations we have in life, sometimes simply being alive is the greatest triumph.

We spend so much time wishing to be someone else, to have the attributes, the wealth, the status, the acclaim of someone else, but as proven by this enlivening feat of classic piano pop, there is nothing sweeter than feeling like yourself after you’ve learnt to love the skin you’re in and respect your body for all that it grants you.

Feel Like Myself officially released on March 19th. Hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

It Slipped Away: Brooklyn’s Maria Lane sends our hearts into a flutter on Nashville

Sharing such a sweet message for her beloved sister after leading us deeper with her recent interview, Maria Lane misses those cherished moments and will never forget the genuinely close bond on Nashville.

Maria Lane is a prolific Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter who performs the kind of melodies which are made with so much authentic beauty.

Her music, which revolves around the themes of love, loss, heartbreak, relationships, mental health, and self-esteem, reflects the varied and layered experiences of her life.” ~ Maria Lane

Gloriously genuine and teaching many about how to treasure that time close to those who we adore, Maria Lane displays a value which can’t ever be copied. Stupendously elevating and transporting us into the mirror of the message, Nashville is a quietly sublime experience from start to finish.

Nashville from Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter Maria Lane is one of the most caring songs ever made. She performs with sweet serenity and guides us so elegantly through a marvellously kind moment. With ear-tingling vocals and insightful lyrics, we’re opened to a loving world where a sister’s bond shall never be broken no matter the distance.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Show Me How You Feel: Amirah Lov3 wants to trust the possible romantic connection on Tranquility

Desiring close skin contact and many kisses to make the world better again, Amirah Lov3 sends dreamy imaginative kisses to her lover on the superbly pure and innocent release, Tranquility.

Amirah Lov3 is a 16-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada-based FreshAzEva LLC-signed solo RnB singer-songwriter, actress and model who has the kind of vocals which has the power to flip moods back into contentedness.

Tranquility shall enhance all moods and we have the sensational young talent Amirah Lov3 to thank for reminding us that everything can be so simple if two hearts can connect naturally. Easing our stressed bodies above the fake noise and into a warm embrace, this is a must-listen if true romance has been hiding away recently.

Tranquility from Las Vegas, Nevada-based RnB singer-songwriter and multi-talented Amirah Lov3 are the sound many romantically intertwined souls shall intrinsically feel. Looking for caressing peace and a place in time where she feels safe and valued, this is a heart-tingling single which guides us to that happier higher ground for the better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Said I Put You Through: Ali Hugo feels rather lonely on All Alone

Feeling left alone in the damp corner and rather desolate in this bone-chilling world, Ali Hugo wonders if his future is bright or if the darkness is slowly looming to grab his fleeting soul away forever on All Alone.

Ali Hugo is an Ontario, Canada-based rock singer-songwriter, blogger, dancer and video producer who is signed to Mirage Records.

Hugo started his music career at the early age of eight when he joined his family “Leo” band as the lead singer. During his teens, Hugo began the “Spin Around the Mall Tour,” gigging at various shopping malls.” ~ Ali Hugo

He is one of the true underground legends. Ali Hugo rocks out like better days and shows the kids what vigorous music sounds like. All Alone might be one of the most important songs heard yet in 2023. This is honesty at its pure core.

All Alone from Ontario, Canada-based rock multi-creative Ali Hugo is a solo-filled reminder that good quality music with verve and determination is still available. With a haunting story and so much to unwrap with fierce abandon, we feel a striking song explode right before our eyes. Made with passion and ear-splitting vocals to take many back into classic times, this is a good old-fashioned proper single to blast on full volume.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Broken Heart: Austin pop duo melotheory asks for one more moment together on breathe

With a refined atmosphere to reminisce inside and taken from their 3-track EP named breathe and no eyes open, melotheory dreams of one more moment with a special kind of spirit on breathe.

melotheory is an Austin, Texas-based indie pop duo who were founded by Austin Pedersen and Patrick Insull. After meeting through mutual friends in 2020, they’ve navigated through a 2-year music project which is clearly made with supreme skill.

With the album now complete, melotheory are re-arranging their music for the stage and will be performing throughout Austin and beyond in the coming months.” ~ melotheory

Tranquil throughout and guiding us through the past trauma and into a possible reconciliation, melotheory shall ease many fast heartbeats and stuns our cold hands with a warming reminder that anything is really possible romantically.

breathe from Austin, Texas-based indie pop duo melotheory is a mellow daydream which shall pour rather beautifully into our awaiting epicentres. This is a soothing soundtrack which is made with so much quality, that shall surely instil a sense of hope that is much needed for many loveless souls.

Each second might change moods forever, in a world which needs much more hope and understanding.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen