Joyce V Harrison’s ‘Flirt’ Is A Tempestuous Journey Through Pop Nostalgia

The pop songwriting powerhouse with swathes of potential, Joyce V Harrison, sliced her superlative chops right through her latest tempestuously seductive single, Flirt, featuring vocals by Nikki Leonti and produced by Andrew Ramsey.

With grooves and hooks that echo the infectious earworm appeal of 00s pop artists in the vein of The Sugababes, there’s a nostalgic edge to the funked-up pop production. Yet nothing overrides the release as much as the catchy choruses that pertain to their own sense of gravity and how the lyrics work their way into the psyche while alluding to Joyce V Harrison’s prowess in painting rich in emotional imagery vignettes. By listening to Flirt, you will see exactly how the phenomenon of the femme fatale embedded itself in popular culture. The emboldened hit, which contrasts sticky-sweet tonal hues with fierce energy is flawless by any measure.

As a non-performing ASCAP songwriter and Grammy-voting member of the Recording Academy, Joyce V Harrison has written songs for everyone from Jeri Faktor and the Backporch Symphony to AVI Records to LeAnn Rimes. After hearing Flirt, we have no doubt that far more artists will reach the crowning points of their career with her material.

Flirt was officially released on June 6th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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