Had To Pull Back: Sulu and Excelsior urges us to be smart in love on Run and Hide

With a groovy flow which shall transport your spirit into a timeless world, Sulu and Excelsior have that genuine vibe and shall get all fingers clicking in delight with Run and Hide.

Sulu and Excelsior aka Steven E. Mallorca is a Manhattan, New York-based indie solo RnB/soul artist and award-winning filmmaker.

Sometimes you hear a song, and it somehow changes your mood in a flash. Run and Hide by Sulu and Excelsior is that song. Its catchy energy is so foot tapping, it could shake all worries away.

Run and Hide from Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/soul artist Sulu and Excelsior is a jovial effort which shall get all bodies on that dance floor. Soaked in so much vibrant energy and a heartfelt message for the youth to learn from, this is a genuinely incredible release. The quality and authenticity on offer is just that good, you see?

Never letting go of the moment has never been more vital in modern day society.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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