Listen To The Voice Of Peace: Neba Wilson veers us away from the burnt graveyards on Fîrloo

Rumoured to possess a therapeutic effect to ease all willing listeners away from everyday issues, Neba Wilson calms all worried humans away from the ragged corners of doom on his latest stunner called Fîrloo.

Neba Wilson is a Bamenda, Cameroon-based indie solo artist who loves to create music that helps heal the wary world and bring a sense of hope to all.

Choosing to perform his debut album in his mother tongue he also recreates an atmosphere which welcomes the diversity of cultural music across borders and leaves the listeners with a feel of warm mental calmness.” ~ Neba Wilson

Soaking our senses with a droplet of reality that could turn into a flood, Neba Wilson returns to some aplomb. Showing us his messenger-from-a-deep-power aura, to startle many and guide the world into what is really happening.

Fîrloo from Bamenda, Cameroon-based indie solo artist Neba Wilson is a call for true peace to flow across all lands. Tired of the cruel carnage and evil spirits lurking in the shadows, we find a real hero who is ready to help us all recover again. With a moody backdrop and so much to look inside, this is an ominous video to take seriously. A sign of the times indeed.

Hear this fine single on YouTube. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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