Acoustic pop raconeteur Jack Holler disarms with the rugged charm in his single, The Foolsong

Acoustic pop raconteur Jack Holler won our hearts and minds while arresting our rhythmic pulses with his stripped-back acoustic single, The Foolsong. It’s just as humbly disarming as the title implies.

It’s always immediately obvious whether an artist aims for sincere expression or shoots for the lofty unattainability of perfection. Holler has clearly pitched a tent and started a fire in the former camp with this everyman-indie-folk-blues-pop serenade which traverses the very human inclination to become love’s fool once the fabled cherub locks and draws his arrows.

Between Glenn Hansard and Jack Johnson, you will find Holler’s ruggedly affectionate charm within The Foolsong. We can’t wait to hear the full LP from Holler and his band, who have been around since 2018, with their debut EP, Not Even Close, hitting the airwaves the same year.

The official music video for The Foolsong is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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