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Honesty conquers all: Estonian indie-soul singer-songwriter Anett sings so graciously on new single ‘Selfish’

Taken off her brand new full album ‘Morning After‘, Anett enters our world to make her name known globally on the excellent new release called ‘Selfish‘.

Swimming in a sea of wonderful creativity that aims to channel contemporary soul, Anett is a thriving Estonian indie-soul singer-songwriter who performs with a honey-dipped voice that you will find hard to forget. Her magnificent vocals are backed up with a stunning style that will leave your back and neck shivering, in heart-beating delight of what you have just heard. Form is temporary but class lasts forever they say.

Her voice is a work of beautiful art. She sings with such a passionate light that shades away the darkness from view. With a vibrant tone that captures your heart tightly, it is so easy to get lost in her vocals as your eyes water a bit, her honesty is so refreshing in a sometimes heartless society where pushing blame elsewhere is unfortunately so common with the youth; their role models are nothing more that fake posers with no morals.

After many years performing her music, this is a talented woman who is at peace with her strengths and weaknesses. Her jazz vocalist experience shines through as she can take any note to her wishes, guiding us on a journey that is so wonderful on our tired souls. With an added RnB element to keep things fresh, there is so much to like here.

Anett only adds to the intrigue of Estonia for this writer as a must-visit country. Her spectacular vocal performance is a highlight of the new year already and it feels like she is now ready to use all of her gifts and self-motivation, to be heard all over the world.

After living and studying in London almost ten years ago, her eyes opened to new possibilities and that urge to travel and perform all over has never left her heart. Lockdown appears to have only added to her hunger for more and this extra fire has made all the difference.

Selfish‘ shows that sometimes we have to be a bit aloof to reach our goals as those times that could be spent at a bar or at a party, need to be used to put in those extra few hours in studio or working on plans.

To find that balance between life’s adventures, your own mental health and music is so hard but its your life and if you want to really make it, only true friends will truly understand where you want your path to lead. Being kind and real to yourself is how you truly find inner peace after all.

Cleanse your soul with this incredible singer-songwriter on her Spotify and see her story on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jack Buckley has made his soul-rippingly-raw debut with ‘Let Go’

Indie pop artist Jack Buckley has made his debut with the soul-rippingly-raw hit ‘Let Go’, which will hit you with the same evocative weight as tracks by the National and Frightened Rabbit. There’s even some Dessner-style sonic guitar blazing behind the trepidation-laden piano keys which take the score to a cinematic level.

Stylistic reminiscences are incredibly fleeting in Let Go, as the track runs through, you won’t have much cognitive function left to find similarities as you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amorous agony the single contains. In a time when most relationships are superficial and disposable, it almost feels like a blast from the past hearing Jack Buckley’s ardent vocals, but it’s a kiss with a contemporary fist.

With their sophomore single in production, you’ll definitely want Jack Buckley on your radar in 2021.

You can check out Jack Buckley’s single, Let Go, on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Abi Mia – This Life: Confessionally Powerful EDM Pop

Following on from the success of her debut single, ‘Fly Your Way’, London-based singer-songwriter, Abi Mia, has released her confessionally powerful sophomore single ‘This Life’ and proven that it is possible to offer a monumental dance track and pop ballad, all in one evocatively arrestive package.

With her unflinching vocals paralleling the sheer veracity of the pulsing synth notes and euphoria instilling beats, if you don’t feel something while listening to This Life, your soul might have checked out.

Abi Mia may take influence from the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and Alicia Keys, but discernibly, she runs with her own resounding style; and the airwaves are all the better for it.

You can check out This Life for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The underrated hero: Ireland’s Joe Hodgson shows undeniable class on ‘Fly Your Flag’

Fly Your Flag‘ is taken off the awe-inspiring debut release from Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson and this is from the newly dropped ‘Apparitions‘ album which took three and a half years of painstaking effort to make the right way. His efforts have certainly been worth it as this is a modern day masterpiece.

After discovering Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher, the love for playing guitar was heightened to incredibly self-motivating levels. This is a man who is inspired by the greats while growing up in Co. Tyrone, and he wants to get his music out there to be heard all over the world.

‘I’ve tried to create something visceral and accessible that communicates not just with guitar aficionados, but also with the everyday person on the street’ – Joe Hodgson

The way he plays guitar is like nothing I’ve hear before. You can feel how he drives in like a hot car, swerving his way through detours of life and managing to get that checkered flag at the end, no matter what the obstacle was. The moving melodies are made with such undeniable greatness as he gives us a masterclass on how to properly engage in this fantastic instrument. Each break catches you off guard and you bob your head and tap you feet, admiring the quality here.

Fly Your Flag‘ from the mind-bending talent of Irish blues-rock guitarist Joe Hodgson is one of the best songs from 2020. He has taken a genre he loves and has morphed it into his own, flipping it around and will probably inspire generations after him. This is music that is truly special and needs to be listened to by young and old.

Hear this wonderfully created song on Joe’s Spotify and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding your way: Lisa Michelle Anderson drops new EP ‘Quincy St.’ that satisfies the soul

Former Minneapolis local Lisa Michelle Anderson has been hard at work in 2020 and has recently dropped her latest five-track EP called ‘Quincy St.’ This is a release that will have you singing along for hours and tapping your feet merrily.

Americana singer-songwriter Lisa Michelle Anderson is now based in the stunning beauty of Western Massachusetts and usually performs all over the state, inspiring music fans all over with her incredibly poignant music. She has been playing live since the 90’s and her experience shows, each words and chorus has been made with absolute precision.

Each track on her new EP is a top single in its own right. ‘Compass‘ helps us find our path, while ‘Quincy St.’ speaks about memories growing up and these two tracks start off proceedings quite nicely.

Walk Away‘ talks about how life can be so cruel sometimes and that sums up the year perfectly. This is about ending things, even if you don’t want to, however deep inside you know you must. ‘This Place In Summer‘ is such a lovely song that stories how the stunningly hot days and nights make you think of that special person that is no longer there.

Finally, the extra bluesy Americana comes in so hot on ‘Train Car Love‘ that is a track about reminiscing about that road trip with your special soul that you can’t stop thinking about.

Her voice seems so effortless as she takes us on a storied adventure, with beads in our hair, blowing in the wind as we run on the open field and feel free again from the stresses of the world. Her honey-dipped voice feels like it cleans all of the worries away and you can’t help but appreciate her music.

Quincy St.‘ EP from the lovable Lisa Michelle Anderson is a road-trip playlist must-have as she sings with love and peace. Her stories about life will have you listening to each word and her vocals shine a light through the current darkness of 2020. Finding where you are going has never been more important and Lisa is an angel who sings with such beauty.

Hear this amazing EP on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alt RnB Pop artist Srujanika has made her debut with ‘Rags to Riches’


Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Srujanika has made her 2020 debut with the Alt R n’ B Pop single ‘Rags to Riches’ which squirms free from the constraints of archetypal R n’ B and runs through in a truly authentic style.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Darkness poured plenty of moody alchemy into the track which was penned to revere anyone who has succeeded in the quest for success, despite adversity. In a society where the rich, powerful and famous are mindlessly applauded, Srujanika offers a nuanced view that success lies in the journey.

Her unapologetically bold style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Rags to Riches poured straight out of the soul to suit acquired tastes and people who don’t mind raw and direct intimacy in their tracks.

Rags to Riches which was released on December 15th is now available to stream and download via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chasing that soulful realness: Carlos Rising is a guiding light for us all on new single ‘Peacemaker’

Carlos Rising rises above the current doom and gloom of the world with a new single that shines a light on what is good on ‘Peacemaker‘.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Carlos Rising is such a blessing to listen to and he brings his faith with him to build a pure bridge for us to walk on, and feel safer. These times need leaders to stand up and this is a man who is donating 100% of the earnings made from this song, to help two of his best friends on their missionary work in San Jose, Costa Rica.

His voice is so real and determined. This is a man who is a skilled guitarist and you can hear all his experience intertwined in his deep lungs and flexible fingers, the melodies are a true singer-songwriter’s artwork that pursues only peace and love. His lyrics are only promoting the pure energy that is so lacking; in this over-fast and compare-based world that needs a reset.

With a John Mayer type voice, this is an original artist who shows how compassion and love can win over all the hate and darkness. This triumphs over all and role models like this need to be appreciated as this will end up being a timeless song, rather than a cheesy fad that goes off in the sun.

Peacemaker‘ from Carlos Rising is a track that has your back when you need it most and this is one of the most genuine releases of 2020 that deserves so much love. Peace and love is what this world needs more of.

Find a quiet place to fully experience a master at work on Spotify. See his social adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bill E Daly gives us a soulful introduction to his music with ‘Hey Baby Hey’

Americana-tinged modern folk is the order of the day from Dublin’s Bill E Daly with this, from his new EP ‘Parachute & Oxygen’. ‘Hey Baby Hey’ is a gentle acoustic-guitar-and-vocal love song with a catchy little chord progression and Daly’s deep baritone voice. Tinged with country and modern rock overtones, this is mature, well-polished, and accomplished, little guitar flourishes on the ends of lines interplaying with Daly’s chilled vocal delivery.

Daly’s previous album, 2017’s ‘There Is A Time’, charted at number 2 in Google Play’s ‘Folk’ category, and there’s every chance that ‘Parachute & Oxygen’ will do similarly well. ‘Hey Baby Hey’ is the ideal introduction to Bill E Daly’s music.

Hear ‘Hey Baby Hey’ on Spotify; check out Daly’s website here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Intrinsic melodies in abundance: Chandler Sedat drops debut single ‘No Way To Live’

US singer-songwriter Chandler Sedat is a fairly new artist but he shows growing maturing on ‘No Way To Live’, which is the new lead indie-rock single taken from his debut full seven-track album ‘Unknown‘.

Detroit, Michigan musician Chandler Sedat has always had music on his mind and kind of knew he would do what he loved. After finishing up with college in 2016, this is a self-motivated man who has been focusing on his music and mastering his production skills to the max.

His voice is strong and he sings with such purpose, the layers here are so intricately packed in a pulsating parcel as his hard work is brought to us over dreamy vocals.

The story of moving on from someone that doesn’t have time for you like they used to is a harsh reality that can only be seen when you are out of a picture. The snap of the camera gives you time to reflect and realize what you want to be, which is worth millions over a few cents of meaningless relationships that can end in seconds. The flame is now out and the memory will remain despite the wrongs of the past. Mistakes were made and the only way to move on is to forgive and learn from them.

Chandler Sedat is a special talent and ‘No Way To Live’ is an excellent song from the debut artist as he stamps his name on 2020.

Freshen up your earlobes on Spotify and catch up with Chandler on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The country cowboy with big goals: Pop singer Caesar gives us ‘The Chills’

Cat lover, singer-songwriter and young cowboy Caesar, is back to further enhance his music career with the new single ‘The Chills‘.

This charismatic indie artist has huge goals and a funky fresh fusion of genres intertwined in his soul that makes him stand out from rest of the curious crowd. His vocals are pure and genuine, the flamboyance only makes him more likable to each listener, as he grows his name around the world.

This is the story of love and how you feel so much for that special person in your life. All you want to do is be them and you will do whatever it takes.

If he can stay focused, put the hard work in to master his craft, get brand merchandise and other streams of income flowing nicely to help him pay for studio time and music videos, this is an artist that can rise to wherever he wants to take his music. ‘The Chills‘ from Caesar is a step forward for a young artist that shows the potential needed and just need to put the time in, stay patient and make quality music that inspires.

Hear this awesome new single on his Spotify and see how his music evolves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen